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Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam is “courageous diplomacy”: UN spokesman

Updated at Friday, 01 Mar 2019, 15:36
The Hanoitimes - The spokesman said that the leaders` efforts to make the discussions to push for the denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula are significant.
Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appreciates the “courageous effort by US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in their second summit held in Hanoi, Vietnam on February 27-28.
Spokesman Stephane Dujarric. Photo: UNmultimedia
Spokesman Stephane Dujarric. Photo: UNmultimedia
He said that their efforts to make the discussions to push for the denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula are significant regardless of the results of the outcome. 

“Courageous diplomacy, I think, has established the foundation to advance sustainable peace and the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and we all very much hope that these discussions will continue in that direction,” Dujarric said.

He also explained that no one, including Guterres, expected that “this process of engaging” with Pyongyang would be easy, given the complexity of the situation that has held the world’s attention for years.

Separately, British Ambassador Karen Pierce also praised the efforts undertaken at the summit.

“I think it was very good that the summit took place and that President Trump made an effort to try and make progress,” she said, adding that complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remains an essential goal.

“I think those two things: complete and irreversible denuclearization and full sanctions implementation are absolutely critical to the way forward.”
Trump abruptly cut short his summit with the North Korean leader on Thursday after failing to bridge the gap between his insistence on full-fledged denuclearization measures and Kim’s demand for sanctions relief.

Kim arrived in Hanoi early February 26 after a 60-hour train journey across China while Trump landed in Hanoi in the evening of February 26. The US President left Vietnam in the afternoon of February 28 while Kim will stay through March 2 for an official visit to Vietnam. 
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