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VINAFIS: China's fishing ban in the East Sea is invalid

Updated at Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018, 00:36
The Hanoitimes - Vietnam Fishery Society (VINAFIS) vehemently opposes the unilateral and invalid fishing ban of China in the East Sea, effective since May.
The association states its fierce opposition in a document submitting to Government Office, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Central Party Commission for External Relations.
Part of the document by Vietnam Fishery Society.
Part of the document by Vietnam Fishery Society.

The document mentions the fishing ban unilaterally issued by China’s Ministry of Agriculture on East Sea, which goes into force within the one and a half month (during May 1 to August 16, 2018).
Accordingly, VINAFIS highlights the “invalidity” of the China’s fishing ban. “The ban issuing hinders the Vietnamese fishermen's activities, invades Vietnam’s sovereignty with Paracel Islands and Tokin waters, violates legal rights and benefits of Vietnam as well as international laws including 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and related legal document, goes against the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Vietnam Sea (DOC)”, said the document.
Also, VINAFIS offers Vietnam’s state agencies to take prompt and effective action on ceasing the China’s ban.  “It’s necessary to send regular law-enforcement to the sea, protecting fishermen and give them favorable conditions to operate in the waters of Vietnam’s sovereignty”, pressed the Society’s document.
Earlier, Le Thi Thu Hang, Vietnam's Foreign Ministry spokesperson raised voice on the issue, during a regular press conference on March 22, in Hanoi. “The prohibition does not suit the development trend of the two nations and is not beneficial for the maintenance of regional peace and stability”, Hang asserted.
Cam Anh
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