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Hanoi’s authorities go Facebook, open and friendly...

Updated at Tuesday, 22 Dec 2015, 16:20
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi People’s Committee has decided to use Facebook to disseminate management information to the public. Accordingly, the news will be posted on Facebook at the page “Thu do Ha Noi – Viet Nam” (Ha Noi Capital – Viet Nam).
The Hanoi People's Committee officially gave the information to direct administration of the city government on Facebook, that makes many people interested and they can assess in a positive direction. This can be considered as a remarkable step motion of Hanoi on administrative reform in the direction of openness, friendliness between the government and the people.

The fact that Hanoi is the first city to apply such publications have shown that Hanoi's leadership is very boldly and believe that this approach will benefit how the government whether it will reveal all the possible downsides. It will help governments to easily access people in both directions. Farmers also have the opportunity to exchange directly with the government, or the government actively continue to improve and promote the good things made and correct the inadequacies that people are not very satisfied.
Facbook interface of Hanoi Capital
Facbook interface of Hanoi Capital

And, when we have accepted "the game" also means to be "suffered" from the criticizing that is lack of construction, not very good will, even fierce. However, if the initiative is accepted, I think we just need to get 10% of constructive comments. Actually, I do not believe the positive figure of only 10% which will be higher than that.

It is reported that just opened, there have been 12,000 people registered and followed Hanoi's Facebook. It is true that this figure is not so much if you know the current population of the Capital (almost 10 million people, including visitors). Meanwhile, the country has 92 million people, which has 40 million internet users. According to current calculations, the rate of use Facebook according to international media are located in Hanoi, the index was 75% higher, ie around 75% x 40/92 = 3.2 million. Thus, it is clear in the near future, Hanoi will have millions of people interested.

To strive to obtain the number of people interested in all aspects of life, the City's operators must construct a true online government. Firstly, this requires commitment and action involved in directing by manipulation through a computer system (user concept is the leader). Second, the advisory and abide by the staff of specialized knowledge and experienced in building electronic organ. Third, information technology staff to specialize in Database, Management Information Systems, decision support system must also have knowledge and experience of the administrative system, not only the staff the information technology in general.
By Anh Kiet
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