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Updated at Friday, 15 Jan 2016, 11:30
The Hanoitimes - On the afternoon of January 13, the 14th meeting of the 11th Party Central Committee was wrapped up, completing the entire content of the program proposed, after 3 working days, in urgent, serious, truly democratic way and with high responsibility. Although the work is still very chaos to complete the preparations for the coming National Party Congress.
However, our Party still takes time to discuss, submit to the 11th Party Central Committee on a very important job, which is that Vietnam will sign an agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in someday.

This shows that the Party, State are very interested in the event. It's not only a great opportunity but also a challenge, difficult for us to integrate, in a time when the country's economy is inadequate, slow to adapt and be able to say that it is lagging behind in many aspects compared to the world and the region, it is really very worrisome...

Conference Overview
Conference Overview

In the the 14th meeting, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong affirmed that delegates reached consensus on the signing and approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement based on regulations on signing and joining international treaties.

The Central Committee highly appraised the efforts and determination of the Government and related agencies in negotiating the Agreement. The TPP brings both opportunities and challenges for Viet Nam, he said, expecting that Viet Nam is confident to overcome obstacles to seize opportunities brought by the TPP to make the nation develop in a faster and more sustainable manner.

The Party Central Committee entrusted the Party delegation to the Government to coordinate with related sides joining the TPP to complete procedures to officially ink the Agreement in February 2016 as well as assign the Political Bureau to submit to the National Assembly to ratify the Agreement and the draft of the Party Central Committee’s Resolution on effective international integration - given the country’s engagement in the new-generation free trade agreements, including the TPP.

Regarding personnel work, the Party chief said the committee had discussed in a democratic and straightforward manner, and voted to adopt the proposed additional nomination of several members of the 11th Party Central Committee for re-election in the 12th tenure as “special” cases, along with nominations of Politburo members and Party Central Committee Secretariat for re-election in the 12th tenure as “special” cases.

In his closing speech, the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized that the Conference had very good success; preparations for the XII Congress of the Party has basically been completed according to the objectives, requirements and proposed plan. In exactly one week Congress will be officially inaugurated. This is a great political event of the Party and the nation. Cadres, Party members and people are waiting and has high expectations for the success of the congress. General Secretary proposed the Central comrades continue to promote a sense of responsibility and the good results of this Plenum, seriously implement and organize a good resolution of territorial to complete the remaining work and conduct national congress XII successfully, meet the expectations of the whole Party and the people.

It is not too long for Vietnam to perform the TPP. Hoping that all branches and levels, from local to the Central level in the spirit of strong innovation, speaking in parallel with working and needed to know ourself, know other countries, avoid being in self-introspection illusion with the small accomplishment that has been achieved. Be sober to acknowledge our economic, politic, cultural and educational status in the world to rank for the calculation and make the next step...
By Anh Kiet
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