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What do foreigners think about Tet in Vietnam?

Updated at Tuesday, 09 Feb 2016, 11:04
The Hanoitimes - ​The Lunar New Year Festival (Tet) is a golden opportunity for foreigners living, working and touring this time of year to gain a better understanding of the country’s customs, traditions, and people.
In interviews given to reporters from Radio Voice of Vietnam, foreigners expressed differing feelings and impressions about Tet but they all expressed they shared the joy of the Vietnamese people.

Jamie Coville, a bartender from New York City, who has travelled to Vietnam four times, shared he thoroughly enjoys Tet with its colourful decorations and exquisitely delicious food. 

Jamie also loves the excitement and bustling atmosphere of Hanoi that seems to come even more animated and alive in the run up to Tet.

“I leave Vietnam on Monday after one month of visiting. I do not really want to leave this beautiful place. But fortunately, I still have chance to go out to watch firework display on New Year’s Eve,” he noted.

“Happy New Year, Vietnam! I will definitely be back to soon”, he exclaimed.

Kim Jin Ok from the Republic of Korea (RoK) who is an owner of a restaurant on Ta Hien Street has been living in Vietnam for almost nine months now. 

In the interview, she noted with specificity the similarities and differences of the cultural activities for the Tet holiday between RoK and Vietnam.

“The Tet holiday in Vietnam is bigger than in RoK, thus, I and my family enjoy coming to Hanoi to enjoy Tet”, said Kim Jin Ok.

“I’m looking forward to the actual Tet holiday. Happy New Year, everyone”, she shared. 

A Chinese girl, Huáng Yuè Míng, who has spent three Tet New Year celebrations in Vietnam, said during the run up to Tet people flock to the streets to buy necessary food and other items for the year’s biggest days.

“I am impressed by the busy shopping and cozy atmosphere before Tet. But riding a motorbike feels more dangerous than usual”, she said emphatically.

“I love Tet in Hanoi and spring is my favourite season. It signifies new beginnings and hope for the year ahead.”  shares Tracey Goodacre from Ireland who is in the capital city to celebrate New Year’s. 

Tracey said her favourite memories of Tet are all the flowers, tree blossoms and blooms.

Tracey said her favourite memories of Tet are all the flowers, tree blossoms and blooms.

“The streets are packed with people buying flowers for their homes, gifts for their loved ones and wandering round the lake looking at the Tet decorations and soaking up the atmosphere.”

“It's a special and magical time and should not be missed if you’re planning a trip to Vietnam”, she suggested.

Andy and Jessy from France are impressed by the colour ‘red’ that appears on seemingly every corner of every street.

‘This is the first time my son and I have been in Vietnam. Luckily, we came to the country right on the occasion of New Year. It is totally different from my hometown.

The red colour, symbolizing good luck and happiness, blankets almost the entire country’, Jessy says.

 “I wish you all best of luck and may the upcoming Year of the Money bring peace and prosperity to all.”
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