Apr 19, 2020 / 12:58

Paintings about life in quarantine area inspire Vietnamese people

The Hanoitimes - A Vietnamese student returning from overseas drew 20 paintings about his interesting and memorable life in a quarantine area at the Military School of Region 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Drawn by a Vietnamese expat student, a series of paintings about life, friendships, and the enthusiasm of doctors and soldiers working in the isolated area, has inspired a lot of optimism in Vietnamese people amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Huynh Duong, a solider in the Military School of Region 7, HCMC

Nguyen Tang Quang, a Vietnamese student returning from the UK, after completing the quarantine period, gave the physicians and medical staff in the Military School of Region 7 twenty paintings as a demonstration of gratitude.

Life in the isolated area is described as joyous in Quang's paintings that helped people understand what is happening in the quarantine facilities and life of each isolated person there. The paintings also conveyed the optimism and humor of the young student.

“A very inspirational series of paintings in the dark season”, “The painting is so beautiful, you have made the isolation time useful and an unforgettable memory”, “Nice, witty, humorous and optimistic drawings. Keep this spirit to make life beautiful” are some of hundreds of comments left on Quang’s Facebook fanpage.

Some paintings of Quang and his captions:

“I drew this painting from a photo about a soldier taken by a friend from the same floor with me. The photo itself was so beautiful and eloquent that it didn't need to be expressed in words."

“In Europe we had long hair to “keep warm” through the winter, so in the 35-degree weather in Saigon, we were almost scorched. I threw my hair to a box so that I did not have to sweep the floor.”

"I drew this painting to give to a roommate, on the occasion that his "grocery store " was dismantled."

“On days when food was not enough, we shared meals with each other so that no one would fear starvation”.
“In the afternoon before saying goodbye, people all thanked and gave soldiers and physicians letters and small gifts.”

"What happens here is so beautiful and memorable. People have made beautiful friends and appreciate life more. "
Photos: Tuoi Tre