Sep 30, 2014 / 12:31

Protecting manufacturing places before takeover

The Hanoitimes - Among a lot of work in preparation for taking over the capital on October 10th, 1954,Vietnamese government is interested in protecting transport infrastructure, power plants against sabotage of enemies, ensuring life and stability of the capital’s residents.

The toughest fight broke out in three places icluding power plant, Hanoi railway station and Post Office. 
 At the power plant, the first round of struggle lasted in nearly one month (from August to September 1954).  Under the leadership of Party organizations, workers have gathered demanding factory owners to pay back all 4,000 tons of stored coal, forcing them to buy coal used daily and not using coal reserves. The movement spread not only from workers and power plant employees but also over 15 firms, all classes of people and overseas Chinese and Indian expatriates involved. Along with protecting coal reserve sites, workers also sent delegations to meet all leaders of power plants and forced to bring coal  to Haiphong to make up for coal reserves. This victory provided adequate power to the city, not only contributing a very important part in securing city before and after the takeover, but also encouraging  fighting spirits of workers in Hanoi. 
At the factory of Post office, among 100 workers, up to 47 people are union members, so the struggle is much more favorable. Before the enemy started moving machinery, workers damged cars transfering goods. The fight here was sometimes tough to the enemy to use force to evict the workers from the factory. But workers still surrounded the factory and a few days later to retake the factory, forcing the enemy to pay salary for workers until the end of October 10t,1954 . 
At the Hanoi Railway Station, Yellow unions controlled bt  Dai Viet aggressively moving  machinery, railway locomotives to the South. We put the slogan: Strikes for better pay, demanding a month's salary before quitting. At first,  many people follows, but then guess what the plot of the enemy, personnel in charge of the Hanoi Railway Station asked workers not to break up, no strikes, protecting machinery, and establish contact with the old facility. Our slogan is: "Do not leave, do not strike, machinery protection, demanding payment of wages until the takeover date. Over the course of the struggle, Hanoi Railway Station was established and workers set up a team's self-defense station . 
During the first days of October, supervisors, employers have laid out enough ruse to sabotage, but the station workers united, seek to resist their conspiracies and finally preserved machinery to early morning of October 10th, the first train ran a Van Dien welcome to the team about freeing capital. 
It is the struggle of the workers and people's capital after Liberation Day that every aspects of people's daily life is still normal. This is our victory day since Vietnamese troops took over the capital. On May12th, 1954, on the occasion of visiting  the power plant Yen Phu, President Ho Chi Minh complimented on achievements in  defending the  plant, ensuring power lines when Vietnamese troops took over the capital and affirmed the roles and tasks of the working class in the industrial recovery and economic development.