Feb 25, 2014 / 13:44

Red River photos from the French era

The Hanoitimes - The following photos of the Red River in Hanoi have been taken from old historical documents of found in France.

The 500-km river runs through nine cities and provinces of Vietnam, and has played a significant role in the life and culture of Vietnamese people. The fertile silt of the river aids in agriculture, with a delta spanning the two provinces of Thai Binh and Nam Dinh.

The river also provides water for many hydro-power plants, and even though it has gone through much change throughout history, it continues to be a source of life and beauty for the land through which it runs.


Red River photo taken in 1900


Taken in 1904

Taken in 1906


Riverboat (1907)


Houses along the banks (1910)


Workers beside Red River near Long Bien Bridge (1911)


Red River (1914)


Villages beside Red River (1926)


Fishermen (1952)




Daily life by Red River


Taken in Son Tay  


Red River in Viet Tri City


Houses by the river bank


Peaceful scene by the river bank