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Over half a million of computers in Vietnam infected with malicious spyware

Updated at Thursday, 26 Jul 2018, 19:22
The Hanoitimes - Bkav, one of the leading cyber security firms in Vietnam, has detected a new kind of malicious spyware namely BrowserSpy.
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Illustration photo
In Vietnam, more than 560,000 computers have been infected with BrowserSpy, which is rapidly spreading.

The malicious code can track users, steal personal information, bank accounts, Gmail passwords, Facebook passwords and so on.

Bkav recommends users to immediately disinfect the virus and change the password for Gmail, Facebook and bank accounts.

BrowserSpy hides in fake software that hackers spread to the Internet to trick users into downloading. When enabled, BrowserSpy will install a malicious plug-in (extention) to the browser to track and monitor users.

Accordingly, BrowserSpy can silently steal personal information, gather searching content, eavesdrop on emails, access web history, etc. More seriously, BrowserSpy is able to update and download other malicious codes to control the computer and perform a targeted attack APT.

Vu Ngoc Son, vice president of Anti Malware at Bkav said that computers infected with BrowserSpy have no special symptoms, so users find it difficult to detect them themselves. 

Bkav has updated the malicious code samples, users can download the latest Bkav software to kill the virus. Customers who are using the Bkav Pro version of the license will be automatically updated and protected by AI artificial intelligence technology, Son added.

Bkav also advises users not to freely download software from unsecured sources, and should install antivirus software on the computer for complete protection, Son stressed.
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