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Vietnam seeks standing on world’s AI map

Updated at Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018, 11:34
The Hanoitimes - Vietnam has seen remarkable advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and the country needs to optimize AI for its development.
How to make Vietnam have a voice, a landmark on the world’s AI map is the concern of many Vietnamese AI experts who have made a name in many developed countries.
Scene at AI Vietnam 2018. Photo: Nguyet Minh
Scene at AI Vietnam 2018. Photo: Nguyet Minh
As part of the Program of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network 2018 from August 18-24, AI Vietnam 2018 was held in Hanoi on August 21, with the participation of many Vietnamese experts in the field of AI who are working in the world's leading technology companies, organizations and universities.

The conference was attended by many talented and successful Vietnamese faces in the field of AI worldwide such as Dr. Le Viet Quoc, Google Brain (USA); Dr. Bui Hai Hung, Google Deepmind (USA); Prof. Vu Ha Van, Yale University (USA); Dr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, CEO & founder of Bap - Blockchain; Dr. Do Binh Minh, the US's NASA; Dr. Nguyen Le Minh, Advanced Institute of Science and Technology of Japan, among others.

According to Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy, in 2018, Vietnam’s AI community has the opportunity to regularly meet and share about AI from the original ideas, so far AI has been expanded and applied to serve daily life.  

However, whether Vietnam can take the advantage to become a leading AI nation or not is a problem that needs solving, Duy said.

The deputy minister of Science and Technology’s opinion is also the concern of Vietnamese AI experts who have become well-known in many developed countries.

At the launching ceremony of the Program of Connecting Vietnam Innovation Network 2018 on August 19, Dr. Bui Hai Hung - Google Deepmind researcher said that the number of Vietnamese people in the field of AI is not small, including the leading experts in the leading environment such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft or professors at prestigious universities around the world.

Although we have Vietnamese bloods as the leading AI experts in the world, Vietnam has not yet had a footprint on the world’s AI map, Hung stressed.

At AI Vietnam 2018, experts and scientists shared solutions to apply the latest achievements in the field of AI into the reality in Vietnam, talked about the opportunities that AI offers Vietnam to get breakthroughs in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, how Vietnamese experts in the field of AI working abroad can cooperate with corporations and technology enterprises in the country.

Dr. Le Viet Quoc is currently working at Google Brain - one of Google's largest AI projects famous for a popular product in Vietnam - Google Translation, said that Vietnam should strongly invest in three main areas which are training human resources, building open data sources and creating links between Vietnamese universities and the world’s intellectual community.

Through AI Vietnam 2018, specific plans for cooperation have been initially shaped and talented Vietnamese in the AI field are excited about the plans to connect AI development in the time ahead.
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