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Vietnam struggles to have one million IT workers by 2020

Updated at Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018, 11:20
The Hanoitimes - Information technology (IT) is no longer an attractive major for students partially because of the low quality of graduates of many IT schools.
Vietnam is striving to have one million IT workers by 2020, with the number of IT jobs increasing by an average 47% per year, according to the 2018 report by the Commonwealth’s Scientific and Industrial Research Organization on Vietnam’s digital economy.
IT students have more global job opportunities in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
IT students have more global job opportunities in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
Hot trends for IT in Vietnam include artificial intelligence, cloud storage, virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Blockchain technology. Other key fields include Internet of things, e-commerce, business process and IT outsourcing, the report said.

Dr. Alan Sixsmith from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) said that employers across Asia are encountering difficulty in finding qualified IT staff to fill the vacancy. About 18-22% of organizations find it difficult to recruit mid-level IT staff.

With the increasing demand for IT human resources globally, individuals with IT development and management skills will have more advantages. Choosing the right manpower supply to meet the opportunities ahead is still a dilemma for many businesses, Alan Sixsmith said.

As for the role of IT in Vietnam, Sixsmith said that robust IT infrastructure and digital technology will promote economic growth and productivity.

Sixsmith added that Vietnamese recruiters need talented IT staff and excellent digital skills, but they also need good soft skills and social skills to build teamwork and effectively communicate with international clients.

The current human resources need multi-disciplinary skills and experience as well as creativity, collaboration, problem-solving and knowledge application into practice, Sixsmith stressed.
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