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Hanoi makes effort to analyze quality of food safety criteria for fruits

Updated at Wednesday, 09 May 2018, 17:09
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee releases Document No.1879/UBND-KT, urging authorities to continue effort for phase 3 of the pilot project on managing fruit shops in the urban districts of Hanoi.
In an effort to implement the project on schedule and fulfill the tasks, the Municipal People’s Committee requests city’s departments, agencies and People’s Committees of districts to take following actions:
Sum up implementation of the project in phase 1 and phase 2; continue effort to increase information work and popularization of the project in effective and practical manners; conduct training, inform the fruit shops  ofcontent of the project and legal regulations in trading fruit as well as inspection, punishment in the field of fruit trading;
Hanoi makes effort to analyze quality of food safety criteria for fruits
Hanoi makes effort to analyze quality of food safety criteria for fruits
Provide guidance, support and urge the fruit shops to complete procedures to apply for business registration, health examination, certification of knowledge, commitment and certificate of food safety; it would be basis to issue Identification Board for the all qualified fruit shops which meet project’s regulation in the third quarter of 2018;
Enhance support to build the chain of production, supply and consumption of safe fruit in Ha Noi, and connect supply and demand in order to ensure supply of high-quality, safe fruit of clear origin.
The Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with authorities increase control over fruit and fruit origin, conduct inspection, examination and supervision to check safety of the fruits in wholesale markets and specialized trade establishments under its management, and increase quality analysis of food safety criteria for fruit. The authority also launches pilot information system to manage and check origin of fruit, develop QR code system in the city to check farm product origin in the period of 2018 to 2020.
The Hanoi Police Department, Department of Transport, Market Surveillance Department and People’s Committees of districts direct authorities to increase regular or unscheduled inspection sessions, tighten control over the circulation, transportation and import of fruit as well as trade of fruit (including online business). They also conduct inspection and severely punish fruit vendors who encroach upon the streets, pavements and public places, and take drastic measures from May to deter further violations.
The Department of Information and Communications in cooperation with Department of Industry and Trade launch pilot project on setting up information system to manage trade of fruit, and develop city’s website to provide information about fruit from cities and localities nationwide to the people.
The People’s Committees of districts expand the model of streets without fruit vendors encroaching upon streets and roadsides, and check available land fund, especially land fund in markets, to introduce and allocate the fruit vendors there.
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