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Hanoi responses to Action Month for Work Safety and Sanitation 2018

Updated at Thursday, 10 May 2018, 09:43
The Hanoitimes - The Labor Union of Hanoi organized a meeting on May 9 to sum up labor safety and sanitation affairs in 2017 and popularize Action Month for Work Safety and Sanitation 2018.
According to report of the Municipal Labor Union, in response to the Action Month for Labor Safety and Sanitation program in 2017, all of 45 labor unions at grassroots level made their plans or cooperated with governments of the same level to organize ceremonies in response to the Action Month. 
825 grassroots level labor unions conducted activities in units and enterprises to support the program. The Municipal Labor Union successfully organized contest for work safety and sanitation officers, and conference themed “Responsibilities of labor unions in work safety and sanitation”.
Leader of the Labor Union of Hanoi honors excellent collectives
Leader of the Labor Union of Hanoi honors excellent collectives
In 2017, the Hanoi Labor Union in cooperation with inter-level inspection teams conducted inspection in 50 units and enterprises, as well as 10 labor unions of districts and towns. The inspection focused on work safety, sanitation, fire and explosion prevention and control. 
In spite of effort in work safety and sanitation, Hanoi witnessed 254 occupational accidents in 2017, killing 31 people and injuring 238 others. 
Treatment policy for work accidents was applied in 19 cases of traffic accident which killed 19 victims and one serious fire which kill 8 victims and injured two others. 81 people with occupational diseases were recorded. 
The number of serious work accidents in 2017 reduced by 20; the number of deaths went down by 18, and number of serious injuries down by 3 against 2016.
In an effort to enhance work safety and sanitation in 2018, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Labor Union Le Dinh Hung called for participation in Action Month of Work Safety and Sanitation 2018 themed “Proactively prevent and control dangerous and harmful factors at work to reduce occupational diseases and accidents”, which will be launched from May 1 to 31. 
Accordingly, labor unions at all levels in cooperation with governments of the same level shall conduct practical, effective activities in response to the Action Month. 
The authorities shall improve and diversify popularization and training, improve employers’ and employees’ awareness on work safety and sanitation, popularize Directive 29-CT/TW dated September 18, 2013 of Secretariat of the Party Central Committee entitled “Enhancing work safety and sanitation in the time of modernization, industrialization and international integration” among union labors at grassroots level, and realize resolutions with proper programs and plans.
The labor unions, especially the ones at grassroots level, shall fulfill their function of being representative for the employees, ensure employees’ legitimate rights and benefits, increase dialog and proactively cooperate with governments of the same level to improve working conditions, improve technologies, machines, equipment for labor-saving and safe, hygienic working environment for laborers. 
They shall further enhance and improve quality for Green, Clean and Beautiful Landscape movement and Ensuring Work Safety and Sanitation movement, cooperate with governments of the same level to increase inspection, supervision of work safety, detect and promptly handle the risks which might lead to work accidents and diseases.
On this occasion, the Labor Confederation of Vietnam offered flag award called “Emulation flag” to two units, as well as certificates of merit to four collectives and two individuals with excellent performance in work safety and sanitation in 2017.
The Hanoi Labor Union gave the flag award to two units, and certificates of merit to six collectives and four individuals. It also offered gifts as support for 75 workers who are victims of work accidents; each gift costs VND 1.8 million.
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