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Hanoi appreciates women’s affairs in socio-economic development

Updated at Friday, 18 May 2018, 12:05
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi Party Committee has recently released Directive No.22-CT/TU on further enhancing women’s affairss in Hanoi in the new context.
The directive focuses on following key points:
Increasing awareness, responsibilities of Party Committees, Party organizations and governments at all levels, as well as officials, Party members, members of unions and associations and people from all walks of life on the role of women as well as women’s affairs in the new context; encourage comprehensive development of the women according to requirements in the new context.
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Increasing effort to build prosperous, equal, progressive, happy, civilized family; taking comprehensive measures to protect and take care of women; paying attention to nutrition for mother and children; further implementing Program on educating family life to 2020 effectively.
Leaders of Part Committees and governments at all levels further increase instruction, take comprehensive and drastic measure to implement Resolution 11 of the Politburo and Action Program 21 of the Municipal Party Committee on women’s affairss; paying attention to creating resource of young, female officers, female ethnic minority officers in the areas where large number of ethnic minority people reside. 
In the next terms, it is expected that female officers will account for at least 25% officers in Party units at all levels, at least 35% of National Assembly deputies of Hanoi and People’s Councils at all levels. If at least 30% of officers in agencies and units are female, they must have female key executives.
Increasing leadership and instruction of Party units and governments at all levels, striving to enhance women’s affairss, improve apparatus and officers, raise performance quality of Women’s Associations at all levels; have specific policies to create favorable conditions for woman’s development; assigning officers in charge of woman affairs and performance of the Women’s Association; strictly fulfilling responsibilities of ensuring participation of associations at all levels in Party building, government building, supervision and social feedback; further improving content and method towards practicality, professionalism and high efficiency; conducting training, building a team of qualified, capable and responsible officers for Women’s Association; proactively create source for female officers in the political system.
The Official Section of Communist Party of Municipal People’s Committee gives further instruction, directs government at all levels to implement Action Plan on implementing National Strategy on Gender Equality in the period of 2016 to 2020 and prepare to sum up, assess the implementation and learn experiences; reviewing, implementing the plans, projects and programs on women’s affairs effectively; cooperating with agencies to make statistics of implementation of targets in the fields of gender, gender equality in localities and units according to the set of gender equality data of Hanoi.
The Fatherland Front, social and political organizations of Hanoi closely cooperate with Women’s Associations at all levels to enhance popularization, realize Law on Gender Equality and Law on Marriage and Family. 
The Organizing Board of Municipal Party Committee in collaboration with relevant units build and implement project on detecting, training, utilizing female officers and improving their capacities, especially key female executives at all levels. They also pay more attention to training for female officers who are qualified to join Party units at all levels, and maintain the proportion of female key officers.
The Hanoi Party Committee’s Commission of Propaganda and Education urges more popularization of policies and laws on woman, women’s affairs and gender equality, conducts in-depth information work of Directive of the Standing Commission of Municipal Party Committee, detects, honors and further applies creative and effective models.
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