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Hanoi to take numerous measures for industrial pollution treatment

Updated at Saturday, 02 Jun 2018, 16:49
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi has been facing the increase of solid waste due to fast growth of population and socio - economic development. Thus, over the past years, the Capital city has drastically taken a wide range of measures to treat solid waste in the area.
According to the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the city has recorded a large number of solid waste discharged into the environment recently. 
There are more than 6,600 tons of domestic solid waste daily in Hanoi, including over 4,500 tons in inner city districts and towns, and the remaining in suburb areas. Additionally, about 750 tons of industrial waste is discharged from industrial production activities.
Hanoi to take numerous measures for industrial pollution treatment
Hanoi to take numerous measures for industrial pollution treatment
The statistics showed that the total number of over 1680 tons of hazardous industrial waste is discharged daily, however, the rate of collection, transportation is about 89.8% (equivalent to 144 tons per day) and the rate of treatment reaches 83.17% (equivalent to over 133 tons per day).
Similarly, Hanoi records about 5,440 medical facilities with about 9.8 tons of medical waste discharged daily, including 1,13 tons of hazardous waste which is treated by incinerators at hospitals and concentrated waste treatment zones.
In recent years, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has paid special attention to treating hazardous waste from industrial parks, urban areas, industrial clusters, medical establishments and craft villages as regulated; cooperated with the Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zone Management Board and relevant departments, sectors, agencies to review and investigate industrial production facilities, manage industrial waste resources and set up database of industrial pollution.
As a result, nine industrial parks in the city have concentrated wastewater treatment areas. Currently, 21 out of 43 industrial clusters have completed concentrated wastewater treatment stations, accounting for 48.9%.
Especially, a series of waste treatment projects have been deployed in the city, such as waste treatment utilizing Fukuoka technology (Japan) at Xuan Son solid waste treatment zone in Son Tay town with the capacity of 240 tons per day; concentrated waste treatment in Dong Ke hamlet (Chuong My district), Phuong Dinh Waste Treatment Plant (Dan Phuong district) with the capacity of 200 tons per day, etc.
With synchronously solutions, it is expected to make more positive changes of protecting the environment in industrial sector, contributing to creating health living environment for people and building a green - clean - beautiful Capital. 
Anh Kiet
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