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Hanoi to apply IT in law education and popularization on mass media

Updated at Monday, 04 Jun 2018, 13:43
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee has recently issued a project on increasing law education and popularization.
The project aims at people serving prison sentences, people for whom judicial remedies or administrative fines are applied, people recently released from prison and integrating into the community, and homeless youngsters who break the law for the period of 2018 to 2021.
Accordingly, the People’s Committee requests feasible measures and tasks to implement the plan and to ensure its progress in accordance with current situation of Hanoi.
A learning session applying IT
A learning session applying IT
The education and popularization of law is conducted through thematic conversations organized by the governments, agencies, sectors and unions in the localities. 
They focus on popularizing, introducing newly issued legal documents or regulations directly relating to aforementioned objects, as well as regulations on employment, thus meeting their demand. 
Through mass media and radio system in localities, legal regulations relating to aforementioned groups are popularized widely efficiently; people’s  awareness and knowledge in the field of management, education, support for these objects is improved, and favorable conditions is created to help them re-integrate into the community. 
Application of information technology is increased, along with law education and popularization on mass media.
Agencies, units and localities in collaboration with communications agencies build and maintain websites and specialized sites on law education and popularization in framework of the project on mass media, especially on the radios, televisions, newspapers and specialized magazines.
Relevant agencies and sectors strengthen the cadre of reporters, maintain their quality and sufficient quantity, and ensure that they are qualified politically, professionally and have in-depth knowledge of law education and popularization. 
The authorities take measures to raise qualification, capacity and law education and popularization skills of the staff, officers and individuals who are directly in charge of managing, supporting and educating aforementioned objects, so that they can fulfill their task.
In the first phase of the project (from 2018 to the end of 2019), the authorities and agencies conduct survey, assess the situation and demand of law popularization and education in framework of the project; select and build typical model of law popularization and education for each target group in the project, and sum up operation of the typical models; conduct training for the leaders and officers directly in charge of managing, education and supporting the aforementioned objects.
For the second phase of the project (from 2020 to the end of 2021), they will continue law popularization and education for the objects in the framework of the project, apply the typical models further in law popularization and education for aforementioned objects; organize contest on law for aforementioned objects; further enhance popularization and information work on mass media, as well as application of information technology in law education and popularization.
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