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Russian experts praise Vietnam's anti-corruption efforts

Updated at Thursday, 28 Jun 2018, 18:22
The Hanoitimes - Russia`s Sputnik radio broadcaster on June 27 reported that in the context of intensifying the fight against corruption, Vietnam organized a national anti-corruption conference with the main theme of the fight against "internal invaders."
Russian experts have applauded the national conference on corruption prevention held by Vietnam’s Central Steering Committee on anti-corruption in Hanoi on June 25, during which a large-scale program to root out corruption was mapped out, according to Sputnik.

Vietnam is on its right track to fight corruption, Professor Vladimir Kolotov, Director of the Ho Chi Minh Academy under the Saint Petersburg National University told Sputnik.
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Nguyen Phu Trong was absolutely right when considering corruption as an internal invader of the country, Kolotov said
The conference raised impressive figures of the critical losses to the national economy caused by corruption, he said, noting that the struggle against corruption initiated by the CPV has no restricted zones and no exceptions, disciplinary measures and criminal charges were imposed on even high-ranking officials.
The conference stated that President Ho Chi Minh’s thought in preserving the Party’s purity plays an important role in the thorough change in Vietnam, he stressed.
Meanwhile, Dr. Vladimir Mazyrin, Director of the Far East Institute’s Vietnam-ASEAN Research Center, said that he was impressed by Trong’s statement: “It is too early to satisfy with the achievements” and “there is a huge load of work in the fight against corruption”.
According to a report delivered at the conference, since the previous conference in 2014, especially since the Party’s 12th National Congress in January 2016, anti-corruption work has been implemented well, resulting in many achievements. 
Since 2014, disciplinary measures have been applied on 840 Party cells and 58,120 Party members, of whom, 2,720 violated anti-corruption regulations.
Since the beginning of 2016, 490 Party cells and 35,000 Party members have been punished, including 1,300 Party members involved in corruption.
Notably, 50 centrally-managed officials, including nine members or former members of the Party Central Committee, were imposed disciplinary measures. Among them, Dinh La Thang, a member of the Party Central Committee and former member of the Politburo, was expelled from the Party.
Over the years, many serious corruption and economic cases were brought to light and handled in accordance with the law without any exceptions.
The results have been lauded by the community and recognized by international organizations. Agencies have openly provided information on the cases to the public and the media, thus promoting the role of the press in anti-corruption, stated the report.
Outcomes in anti-corruption work have helped purify the Party and State organization and the political system, while reinforcing confidence of Party members and people, creating new momentum for the successful implementation of the Party National Congress’ resolution, the report added.
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