Jun 02, 2017 / 14:39

The first exhibition “Raffaello: Opera Omnia” in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - According to Embassy of Italy in Hanoi, from June 3 to Aug 2, 35 digitised reproductions of Italian Renaissance artist Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino will be displayed in Hanoi, to celebrate the 71st Anniversary of the Italian Republic.

Exhibition “Raffaello: Opera Omnia”.
Exhibition “Raffaello: Opera Omnia”.
An unprecedented combination of the best of Italian Renaissance’s masterpieces and technology will unveil to the Vietnamese public an exclusive collection of 35 digital artworks of one of the most prominent Italian painters of the XV - XVI century: Raffaello Sanzio, Raphaël. Visitors will be taken along a journey of celebrated harmony of colors, lines and characters belonging to different eras and worlds and through the unique refined beauty that made the Italian Renaissance renowned worldwide, earning universal reputation and immortality to the genius of its artists.
“Opera Omnia” project, implemented by RAICom (commercial branch of RAI) and brought all over the world by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is designed to offer the opportunity to a large public to experience first-hand what the Italian cultural heritage is about.
Experts of visual art have recreated any chosen piece thanks to high technologies remaining absolutely true to the originals. The ultimate outcomes are “digital paintings” of extremely high-definition and true-to-scale reproductions of masterpieces both exciting and moving to behold, making the audience feel part of the very story portrayed in each of the pictures, in line with the Renaissance’s humanistic ideals placing the man at the center of the universe.
A special thanks goes to the sponsors, modern art patrons that greatly contributed to make this initiative possible like those who supported the Renaissance artists in the XV - XVI century: Ariston, Generali, Ghella, Hung Yen, Piaggio and UniCredit. They keep on representing today and worldwide Italian gifted creativity, lead and farsighted vision.
This is the first time the exhibition is held in Vietnam, and organisers hope to draw the attention of the public, particularly young people, to Italian art and culture.