Jan 03, 2019 / 08:56

The story of Ao Vua with the epic battle between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh

The Hanoitimes - When the sun comes down, a majestic view appears with the combination of the mountain and the dawn mist like a fairy place.

Coming to Ao Vua eco-tourism area, visitors will be impressed by the epic landscapes, a friendly biological environment and above all, the legendary battle between two mighty gods: Son Tinh (Genie of the Mountain) and Thuy Tinh (Genie of the Water).
With an area of 128.3 hectares, Ao Vua (Bat Dam village, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi) is described as a green valley, lying at the foot of mount Tan. The lake is shimmering with ivory shadow. The visitors can immerse themselves in the fresh, cool atmosphere or the gentle sound from the river like an old story about Princess Ngoc Hoa with the famous proposed gifts: nine-ivory elephants, nine-spur chickens, nine-red crest horses, etc.

The path leading up to Tan Vien mountain has a height of 1,281 meters, where there is the place of worshipping of the god of this mountain; with the sight of diverse flowers, flora and fauna. Climbing up there, visitors can imagine themselves traveling back time to ancient age of the well-known battle.
If you are a nature lover, climbing the mountain is a suitable chance to discover this area. Following the stream, climbing over the rocks, sometimes you will see local chickens, squirrels or urchins. On the way, you can rest at bamboo stalls and enjoy local food such as corn, potato, cassava, grilled chicken eggs or dairy products. The waterfall near the mountain is also an ideal stop. When the sun comes down, a majestic view appears with the combination of the mountain and the dawn mist like a fairy place.

At dinner, visitors can join the campfire to grill corns together or taste the delicious roasted pork, listen to local music, and dance with local people. Especially, a lot of visitors feel very comfortable and fantastic after a sauna service and herbal bathing combined with traditional medicine of the Dao people. The whole process includes white bath, sauna, soaking in herbal bath and jacuzzi bath.
In particular, there is also a large meeting room with a capacity of 500 people, conference rooms for at least 30 people, equipped with modern devices. The 3-star Ao Vua hotel consisted of 116 rooms, with windows and balconies allow you to have a full sight of the resort. This place has a restaurant that accommodates up to 600 people and VIP rooms are also available. The menu comprises a list of dishes that are made from natural ingredients and available locally such as chicken, pork, rabbit, etc. Besides the views, visitors can enjoy playing riding duck boat or roller coaster, electric car, speed boat, and more children games.


For all those conveniences, Ao Vua is considered an ideal place, promising land for visitors at weekend or any holiday occasions.