Jan 23, 2019 / 20:18

The strange surreal land

The Hanoitimes - Visitors to Vinh Hy once always want to return for the second time, not only because this place is "surreal place" but also by cheap fresh seafood

Vinh Hy Bay is called "surreal" because many of the beaches in this area have concave rock, which is very similar to the surface of the Moon. The image of the green moss covered stones makes the bay look like an alien spectacle.

From the center of Phan Rang city in the central province of Ninh Thuan about 40km north-east, visitors will experience an exciting journey on windy roads with many specialties before heading to "surrealism".

Along the road are goats gushing up the grass on the mountain side facing the sea, far away there are the white salt fields. The smell of salt is up straight on the nose, leaving an extremely unforgettable impression. And then Vinh Hy Bay appears in front of you, all of a sudden, and visitors will be overwhelmed before the wild beauty.

Vinh Hy Bay is surrounded by three sides by Nui Chua National Park and large limestone with many strange shapes. The cliffs in the middle of the bay and running to the sea are enough to create a very natural beauty that is extremely unique. Many of the beaches in the bay are long with white sand and the strange structure of geology.
At dawn, the dew at the sea is like a thin smoke to blur the ghost, the waves flap the sandy shore, and the rocks covered with green moss creating a fanciful landscape. Walking barefoot on the smooth sand or bathing in the warm waters of the sea will give you a sense of comfort.

In the afternoon, visitors should drop by the boat to Ba Dien beach, where you can bathe or try climbing on the cliff of majestic and strange shapes. Coming to the beach, gifts for visitors are colorful stones. Another attractive thing when coming to Vinh Hy is the chance to discover the fishing village on the coast to learn about the idyllic life of the inhabitants, to hand feed bait for lobsters raised in rafts, or watch near the shore, through the bottom of the glass.

Visitors to Vinh Hy once always want to return for the second time, not only because this place is "surreal place" but also by cheap fresh seafood. You can enjoy a variety of snails, fresh squid, fresh shrimp, urchin, etc. without caring about the price. After an enjoyable lunch, you can stroll through the suspension bridge to the Nui Chua National Park to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, or soak in the cool stream of Lo stream. On cloudy days, the sun is refracted by bubbles of water that make up the rainbow of beautiful color.
It is a certainty that visitors to Vinh Hy Bay will be experiencing a range of emotions from surprise to adventure and excitement.