Apr 25, 2019 / 15:30

Top must-visit destinations in Hanoi for upcoming holiday

The Hanoitimes - Laborers in Vietnam will have five days off (from April 27 to May 1) on the occasion of the National Reunification Day and May Day.

Here are some of the best destinations in Hanoi that are not far away from the downtown, recommendable for holidaymakers to spend the holiday.
Tram Mountain

Tram Mountain.
Tram Mountain.
Tram Mountain is one of beautiful tourist destinations in Hanoi. Located in Chuong My district, the mountain is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery as well as experience the exciting climbing activity with your friends or family. Therefore, Tram Mountain is considered one of the best sightseeing places for people who like nature.
Tram Mountain is more than 20 km from the center of Hanoi. This is the best sightseeing place in the city for a trekking day or a picnic at weekend. It is also recognized as a historical monument.
You can also go camping with your friends here. The necessary things are tents, lamps, kitchen tools, grills and kitchenware. Tent for 4 people costs US$5 per night, a tent for two people is US$3.5 per night.
Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park.
Ba Vi National Park.
Ba Vi National Park is a great choice for a short vacation. The park has long been a quite famous attraction in Hanoi for local weekend vacation for its natural beauty and cool climate.
Located in Ba Vi district, the park is surely your right choice to escape shortly from the noise, pollution and big population of Hanoi for a peaceful and natural scenery of tropical forest, mountains, waterfalls and rivers in the national park.
Coming here, you can visit many historical sites with high cultural value located in the park such as Mau Temple, Ho Chi Minh President Temple, Tan Vien Temple, etc.
Duong Lam ancient village

Duong Lam ancient village.
Duong Lam ancient village.
Located in Son Tay Town, 45 km to the west of Hanoi, Duong Lam village is a great destination to find peace. Once entering, visitors will feel like they’ve found another world hackening back to the old days.
Duong Lam is an ancient village of many well-preserved old houses, the place that you can find typical symbols of a Vietnamese village in the Red River delta. The village has the history around 1,200 years old.
The road system is like a fish bone structure with many ancient houses dating back to up to 400 years. There are total 956 old houses in 5 villages of Duong Lam area. Some of houses are of wooden type while most of other buildings here are with the walls of laterite bricks and mud.
You can visit the village in a day tour or a 2-day-and-one-night tour, homestaying in ancient homes or in Moonview garden bungalow to enjoy the comfort and peaceful life in village.
Dong Mo Lake

Dong Mo Lake.
Dong Mo Lake.
Dong Mo Lake in Son Tay commune, about 40km away from Hanoi, is a popular spot for tourists who are drawn to its natural landscapes and recreational activities such as camping, adventure sports, and campfires.
Many families select Dong Mo for their weekend relaxation as they enjoy fresh air, diverse entertainment services, and distinctive dishes of different regions. With an abundance of green foliage, Phuong (Phoenix) Island is an ideal venue for children’s outdoor activities such as fishing, chicken hunting, and bamboo shoot collecting.