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Poetic Da Lat in jacaranda flower bloom

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The Hanoitimes - In mid-March and early in April in Da Lat, any visitor will be "mesmerized" before the poetic space tinged by jacaranda flowers.
In March, jacaranda flower, famous for its purple color, begins to blossom all over Da Lat, the land of heaven, captivating passionate devotees from all over the region.

In mid-March and early in April in Da Lat, any visitor will be "mesmerized" before the poetic space tinged by jacaranda flowers. Along the roads, and around the Xuan Huong Lake, Da Lat market, in the Valley of Love, Truc Lam monastery, Hai Ba Trung street, Tran Phu street, all are the "domain" of special jacaranda flower.
This gentle flower has become a specialty only in Da Lat. So many travelers have to exclaim "The jacaranda road this afternoon / shadow leaves cover a corner of life" - Mien Thuy poet has planted in the heart of readers poetic images like these.

And indeed, partly thanks to jacaranda flower, Da Lat welcomes millions of domestic and international visitors every year this time. All are delighted to be able to take a walk on the road covered with purple flower petals or watch the beautiful moments of the jacaranda flower blossom. Especially, watching purple flowers at every moment of the day gives visitors many different emotions.
The purple color of the jacaranda in the early morning, charming at sunset and in the middle of the night makes Da Lat so captivating. Many people liken jacaranda flower when bloomed to the young women of Da Lat, romantic and lyrical. The flower evokes nostalgia to those people from Da Lat but living away from the city.

For a long time, jacaranda is considered "specialty" of the kingdom of flowers Da Lat. Because, throughout the country, only in the Highlands, where the climate is cool enough that the fragile flowers could live.
The jacaranda originated in South America and was brought to the Highlands by engineer Luong Van Sau (graduated from the French Agricultural School Versailles - France in the 1960s). However, the first jacaranda trees survived only a year. They bloomed, but they did not bear fruit because there is no bird in Da Lat to help pollinate. In 1995, Dr. Ha Ngoc Mai brought jacaranda seed from Australia to nurse in the city and since then, about 3,000 trees have been planted, covering Da Lat streets.
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