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Vietnamese food among world’s best dishes in 2018

Updated at Sunday, 25 Nov 2018, 11:29
The Hanoitimes - For travelers, food provides a simple and enjoyable window into everything that makes a destination great.
Three Vietnamese dishes have been named among the world’s best dishes in 2018, according to a list released by Traveller, an Australian travel website.
Oc or snail.
Oc or snail.
Oc or snail has been ranked 10th among the world’s best dishes in 2018. Oc is the Vietnamese word for snail, and all types – freshwater and salt, big and small – are fried and eaten here on a daily basis. The preparation varies with the species of snail. Some are pan-fried with chilli, lemongrass and garlic. Others are simmered in a salty broth. Others still are grilled over coals. They're all delicious, particularly when paired with cold beer and a humid evening.
Bun rieu cua has been ranked 11th among the list. According to Traveller, Bun rieu cua, a vermicelli soup with a tomato-based broth made by slowly simmering pork or chicken bones, topped with fried tofu, prawns, crab meat, bean sprouts and fresh Vietnamese herbs like perilla and cilantro.
In the third dish is the famous Banh mi. Traveller told visitors that they’ll see the queues at the banh mi shop on the outskirts of Hoi An's old town long before you reach it.
The late Anthony Bourdain made the place famous during his No Reservations TV series. At the takeaway kitchen out front Vietnamese women rapidly assemble the delicious sandwiches using chopsticks.
Arrive hungry and order one with everything. You'll be handed a fresh, crunchy baguette filled with salad, pork, pate, fish sauce, mayonnaise and a gratuitous fried egg, wrapped in a piece of local newspaper. Bourdain   aptly described it as, "a symphony within a sandwich". Madam Phuong Banh Mi, 2B Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hoi An.
Earlier, CNN, a US cable and satellite news television channel, has picked the five best banh mi restaurant for visitors who want to discover Hoi An cuisine.
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