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Hanoi among world’s must-visit culinary destinations for 2019

Updated at Friday, 04 Jan 2019, 17:46
The Hanoitimes - To inspire travelers for the year ahead, Hong Kong Tatler has compiled the following destinations to add to visitors` bucket list.
Hanoi has been ranked third among 14 must-visit culinary destinations in the world in 2019, and each one will ensure that your journey will be a delicious one, according to a list released by Hong Kong Tatler, a Hong Kong guide to luxury lifestyle.
Hanoi among world’s must-visit culinary destinations for 2019.
Hanoi among world’s must-visit culinary destinations for 2019.
Hong Kong Tatler advises travelers that from northern-style pho (not as sweet or fishy as Saigon pho) to bun cha (grilled pork), the food of Hanoi has long been celebrated around the world, with chefs such as the late Anthony Bourdain praising it as one of their favourite food cities in the world.
“Remnants of French colonialism can be found at Banh My Sot Vang Hang Bong, where crispy loaves of baguette-esque banh mi is served with a thin beef stew that’s similar to boeuf au vin or boeuf bourguignon but adapted for the Vietnamese palate,” Hong Kong Tatler wrote.
Helsinki tops the list, followed by Mexico City, Hanoi, Palermo, Seoul, Seattle, Osaka, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Edinburgh, Wellington, Washington D.C., Faroe Islands, Napa.
Earlier, bun cha in Hanoi has been ranked 14th among the most popular street foods in the world, according to a list released by Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australian public broadcasting radio, online and television network.
“Everyone has heard of pho, but perhaps the most loved street food of Hanoi is actually bun cha - a dish combining marinated grilled meats, rice noodles, dipping sauce and an abundance of fresh herbs. You'll find it on every street corner in Hanoi or in the central markets in Ho Chi Minh – as a lunchtime dish only,” SBS wrote.
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