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Mekong Delta among world’s 15 places that are underrated

Updated at Saturday, 02 Feb 2019, 10:15
The Hanoitimes - Sometimes places can be underrated because they don’t have that wow factor, or don’t have a famous culture behind it, but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying what they can offer, and that is as just a great of an experience as anything else.
Mekong Delta in Vietnam has been ranked third among the 15 places are underrated in the world, according to a list releasead by The Travel, a vacation destination website.
Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
The Travel advises travelers that Mekong Delta, Vietnam is not one of those cities that you stay for a week, but if you are planning to take a day trip then this underrated destination is for you.
“This sultry and laidback region is filled with riverside towns. The only way to get around is by boat or by ferries. Many tourists who do come to this region will say that their coffee is fantastic and if you are there to relax than why not do it in a hammock. The Delta is a place to experience great food and culture in Asia,” The Travel wrote.
Taranaki in New Zealand tops the list, followed by Galicia in Spain, Mekong Delta in Vietnam, Lake Constance, Argentinian Patagonia, Penang in Malaysia, Zambia, Islands of French Polynesia, etc.
Earlier, Mekong Delta in Vietnam has been ranked 11th among the 13 best vacation spots that should be on your radar for a December vacation, according to a list released by Business Insider, a US financial and business news website published by Insider Inc.
Business Insider advises travelers that for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, head to southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and discover a world that revolves around the river.
“The most popular activity for travelers to the region is guided boat tours through the maze-like Mekong and its many offshoots. There, you’ll see incredible floating markets like the one in Can Tho, where bustling crowds of locals navigate from boat to boat trading their goods. You can also get a breathtaking view of the delta from Sam Mountain near Chau Doc,” Business Insider wrote.
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