Feb 14, 2021 / 08:02

UAE and Vietnam attach great importance to sustainable development

The Hanoitimes - There is one thing in common between Vietnam and United Arab Emirates (UAE) that both are pursuing economic growth while setting sustainable development as a key target to accelerate economy.

This opens gate for mutual cooperation between the two countries, according to UAE ambassador to Vietnam Obaid Saeed bin Taresh Al Dhaheri. 

 UAE ambassador to Vietnam Obaid Saeed bin Taresh Al Dhaher

How do you see the changes in Vietnam during the time you work here?

Actually, I started my post as the UAE Ambassador to Vietnam three years ago but I got chances to visit your country several times before in business trips during my previous careers, and since my first visit to Vietnam in 2010 until now, I noticed many positive changes in many areas and aspects of life in the country, especially with regard to infrastructure projects and the construction movement, as the country witnessed remarkable development during that period. 

In addition to this, I am impressed with and truly appreciate your beautiful country, hospitable people and so many Vietnamese national heritages and cultural landmarks well recognized by UNESCO and international community. 

And during my work in Vietnam, I had the opportunity to visit many places of nature, including landscapes, mountains, caves and green fields inside and outside Hanoi, in Halong Bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa and other places, and I also visited a number of famous cultural places and some museums.

Any similarities between Vietnam and your home country that you have seen? Do Vietnamese people and UAE people share any common interests?

I am delighted at the exceptional relationship and cooperation between the UAE and Vietnam over nearly three decades in which both the UAE and Vietnam have always supported each other at international fora. The two countries have continued an effective cooperation in various fields including politics, trade, investment, aviation, culture, education, labor and tourism, which have been supported with high-ranking visits, investment and trade promotion delegations and friendly exchanges.

Nowadays, both UAE and Vietnam always attach great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development in parallel with economic growth. While pursuing our economic growth, at the same time, we have been aware of the need to ensure that development is sustainable. Part of this is the recognition that natural resources are exhaustible, and need to be used wisely, coupled with the understanding that the country must play its part, along with others, in efforts to deal with the global threat posed by climate change. 

The UAE has invested at home and abroad in solutions to climate challenge, taking the lead in the region in clean energy deployment. The UAE supposed that sustainable development and renewable energy are also the interest of Vietnam in the process of its deeper global integration.

On the other hand, the people of both nations have continued sharing the common interest, under the wise leadership and foresight vision, in preserving and developing the values of our national history, cultural landmarks and education through various strategies and initiatives in line with the long-term national development visions. 

We strongly believe in the importance of education and the devotion as well as the pioneering role in forming and building the minds of our youth and children and creating new generations well equipped with science and technology knowledge. This is important to keep pace with the rapid developments of contemporary life, in order to enable them to contribute to the rise of the nation as well as achieving a comprehensive development goals in the future. 

UAE has thrived from a small country to one of the most  wealthy in Middle East region. What is the key to this?

As you might know, UAE has been widely known as an open and knowledge based economy. Our economic growth has remained stable despite the faltering global economy, and recorded to grow from 8.9% to 9.7% in 2018 and 2019 respectively. According to the World Bank, the UAE ranks 10thin the world in terms of per capita of GNP by US$70,000 per year. It was reported that UAE has advanced five positions ranking 30th in the world in terms of FDI inflows. It has been ranked 18th globally and 1st regionally in the United Nations Development Program’s Gender Equality Index 2020.

The country is known for low fees, easy customs procedure, preferred business destination, 100% income and corporate tax exemptions, 100% capital and profit repatriation. The UAE is also known for many favorable incentives to attract foreign investors to free zones located nearby modern airports and seaports, together with the increase in the purchasing power of nine million citizens and expatriates from 200 nationalities who are together peacefully living, studying and working in the country…

All indicators confirm the stability of the UAE economy and its potentials to grow, making the country as main a commercial and business hub in the region and an international center for maritime transport and aviation, linking the East and the West.

These successes were the result of a number of complementary factors, notably political stability, security, advanced infrastructure and an enabling legislative environment.

We the leaders and people have made the country a preferred business destination and helped the UAE become the second largest economy in the Arab world and achieve impressive growth rates.

Could you outline some points in the bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and UAE in the time ahead? What are priorities in the two sides' cooperation?

You know, the Fourth Session of the Joint Committee and the UAE-Vietnam Trade & Investment Business Forum took place at an important time as our relationship and cooperation will be moving forward to a higher level with strategic partnership in the near future. Especially, the outcome of the session outlined to diversify more potential opportunities for partnership in different sectors and municipalities. 

It is our pleasure to know that the UAE has become more familiar with Vietnamese investors, businesspeople and tourists, especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai - two among seven emirates in the UAE that many Vietnamese businesses already paid attention and prepared to reach these potential markets, especially on the occasion of Expo 2020 Dubai and other international events to be held in the coming time.  

More Vietnamese companies and exporters attending the Expo 2020 Dubai are absolutely in line with Vietnam’s export strategy, with a view to promoting and distributing Vietnamese products worldwide.

Once the Vietnam Pavilion set up, it will be a venue to showcase Vietnam products and organize workshops and seminars, through which Vietnamese companies and exporters can find right partners and good deals. The Middle East is a promising market, especially for agriculture products, since it has a population of more than 410 million and particularly 90% of food items in GCC are imported from abroad.

In general, Vietnam Pavilion would showcase agro-forestry and fishery products and furniture, textile and garments which are prevalent in Vietnam and for which Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has high demand. Also, the Expo 2020 Dubai, the first one ever to be held in MENA, would create a network to link Vietnam with other partners and consumers in the rest of the world.

Alongside with economic, investment promotion over the last time, a large number of the meaningful cooperation programs between the embassy with various governmental departments, universities, institutes, academies, entities have  taken place, with a view to better the understanding of youth generation on the exceptional relationship and friendship between UAE-Vietnam that have been lighted up and preserved over the nearly three decades by the leadership of both nations. 

Thank you so much!