Jul 27, 2018 / 07:05

Vietnam considers building maritime militia flotillas

The establishment of militia flotillas will help Vietnam strengthen its capacities to protect its national sovereignty over the sea.

A conference held by Central Military Commission on July 25 set out measures to defend the national sovereignty, including the establishment of maritime militia flotillas, amid potential risks and threats to national defense.  
The conference's overview. Photo: QDND
The conference's overview. Photo: QDND
Attendants agreed on the urgent need to build the flotillas, which should be based on the Party’s viewpoints and guidelines on defense, military. The flotillas must also help prevent and eliminate the risk of armed conflicts at sea.
Military officials also proposed solutions to reinforce the capacity in building maritime militia flotillas.
The conference also highlighted the key role of national border protection strategy in national building and defense.  
Conference’s participants noted that the draft strategy has defined the goals, viewpoints, principles, guidelines on the work, along with the methods and policies to successfully implement the strategy.
They consented that building, management and protection of national border and border areas are a key and regular task for the entire Party, people and armed forces as well as the political system, with the people’s armed forces as the core and the border guard as the specialised force.