Sep 22, 2020 / 10:23

Vietnam continues launching tour promos as pandemic contained

The Hanoitimes - The stimulus program will target Vietnamese people and expats living in Vietnam.

As soon as Covid-19 has been back under control, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has launched a program to stimulate domestic tourism in the last months of 2020 with the theme "Vietnam tourism: a safe and attractive destination."

Phung village, Hoang Su Phi. Photo: Na Son

As such, the ministry has asked management bodies, tourism associations and companies to establish stimulus alliances. The program must be adjusted to meet the new consumer behavior in a new normal.

The program also encourages companies to build stimulus packages that are attractive in terms of price, variety, quality, reputation, and brand. In particular, the ministry stressed that companies should have flexible refund and cancellation policies to ensure the interests of tourists.

Besides, local authorities and businesses will also promote the communication about Vietnam –as a safe and attractive destination at all media channels, contributing to eliminating the travel reticence in the context of the pandemic.

The official dispatch also assigned the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to be responsible for supporting localities and businesses to advertise information about the stimulus program on their own media.

Currently, travel companies are focusing on autumn trips, trying to stay operational, waiting for better epidemic control and the reopening of the international tourist market.