Oct 09, 2019 / 13:01

Vietnam named among world’s fastest-growing mobile-app markets

The Hanoitimes - Asia Pacific is a perfect place to soft launch a new app, while countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand represent great opportunities.

Vietnam has been named as the world’s fastest-growing mobile-app market with growth score of 45.3, significantly higher than the global average of 30.9, according to mobile measurement firm Adjust’s latest report. 
Source: Adjust.
Source: Adjust.
This report draws on data from nearly 3,500 apps released in 2018 and covers growth, retention, and other key metrics across 31 countries and four industry verticals: ecommerce, entertainment, gaming, and utilities.

The Mobile Growth Map uses the Growth Score, a new metric developed by Adjust to chart the rise of apps in global markets. This metric is calculated by dividing the total app installs per month by the number of monthly active users (MAU) for each vertical and country to reveal the rate of growth from installs relative to the MAU base.

Asia-Pacific leads the way with robust growth and is primed to rise. Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar are three of the fastest-growing nations. Latin America comes in second place, with Brazil and Colombia rounding out the top five.

“Asia Pacific is a perfect place to soft launch a new app (without the heavy lifting of a full localization). Indonesia, Singapore and India, as well as Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand represent great opportunities,” stated the report. 

Entertainment apps are quickly gaining traction. Vietnam, Russia, and Thailand take the top three spots on the Growth Score. This growth is likely fueled by the demand for video streaming services, which are expected to continue gaining steam as industry giants such as Disney jockey for audience eyeballs.