Jan 11, 2019 / 15:20

Vietnam to expand Nghi Son economic zone for further trade with Thailand, Laos

The Hanoitimes - The operations of expanded Nghi Son will favor the investment, trade, and tourism of Vietnam’s northern central region with northern Laos and Thailand’s northeast.

Vietnam has decided to expand Nghi Son Economic Zone by six folds to 106,000 hectares with an aim to connect the country’s northern central region with Laos and Thailand and other regions to bolster trade. 
Panorama of Nghi Son Economic Zone. Photo: VNS
Panorama of Nghi Son Economic Zone. Photo: VNS
The expansion, which will be carried out until 2035 and vision to 2050, aims to make Nghi Son a multi-sector economic zone mainly focusing on heavy industry and primary industry.  

The expanded zone will include 66,497 ha of land and island, and 39,502 ha of water surface. 

With sizable investment in Nghi Son seaport, coastal roads, expressways, railway stations, and logistics centers in addition to special-mechanism operations, the zone is expected to give a boost to Thanh Hoa province and the northern central region.

Once upgraded, the Nghi Son port will be capable of handling ships of 70,000-100,000 DWT.

Established in 2006, the Nghi Son economic zone, which covers the entire Tinh Gia district and part of several nearby districts of Thanh Hoa, is designed to become a general economic zone to drive up the growth of the northern economic triangle Quang Ninh – Haiphong – Hai Duong and the export. 

The zone also focuses on petrochemical industry as it includes the Nghi Son oil refinery, which costs an investment of US$9 billion from a consortium of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Kuwaiti companies.