May 07, 2019 / 16:23

Vietnam to hold national forum on tech firms for first time

The Hanoitimes - By 2020, the government targets to have 100,000 technology companies and become among the top 30 nations with strong technological advancement.

A national forum meant to support Vietnam’s technology companies would be held for the first time on May 9, which is considered the first step in creating an ecosystem for local tech companies, according to Phan Tam, vice minister of Information and Communications. 
Overview of the press conference.
Overview of the press conference.
The move is part of the country’s ambition to become a high-tech nation, Tam said at the press briefing on May 6 on the forum, adding Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phu would attend the event. 

Tam said one of the major topics of the forum is how Vietnamese tech companies could take advantage of technological advancement to solve the country’s current issues, which could serve as a stepping stone for those companies to go global and solve bigger problems. 

Through this process, Vietnamese companies are expected to localize and master technologies, for later contribution to the development of new technologies, he added. 

According to Tam, Vietnam’s tech companies are tasked with improving the country’s growth quality and propelling the economy to a higher role in the global value chain.

This is particularly important as the country is going through the process of digital transformation and establishing a digital economy and society where tech companies are expected to take a leading role. 

Tam expected the forum to be the platform for the tech community to share inspiration, propose breakthrough measures and initiatives, as well as mobilize resources for further development of Vietnam’s technology companies. 

The event is expected to attract the participation of 1,000 delegates, including leading domestic and foreign technology specialists as well as technology-focused start-ups in Vietnam. 

By 2020, the government targets to have 100,000 technology companies and become top 30 nations with strong technological advancement. 

Earlier, in January 2019, the PM approved a plan on promotion of transfer, mastery and development of overseas technology in prioritized areas and sectors in Vietnam till 2025, with a vision to 2030.