May 08, 2018 / 16:32

Vietnamese free shopping app successfuly applied

The Hanoitimes - Tran Hai Quang, a 28-year-old former student of the Foreign Trade University, has earned initial success after two years since the launch of his startup project, Clingme, a free app to facilitate shopping for consumers.

Two years ago, after graduating with an MBA in the US, Quang chose to return to Vietnam in order to build his career with the free mobile app.
Clingme app interface
Clingme app interface
To date, Clingme is one of the few startups in Vietnam that has raised capital worth over US$3 million and has become renowned for its outstanding and convenient functions.
Dissimilar from other shopping support applications, Clingme has personalised the phone screen for each users’ group. At the same location, user groups will get different shopping recommendations, giving customers the most convenient and smart shopping experience.
It also helps retailers to approach customers. Clingme is attractive due to its features that facilitate discounts, help users to find restaurants, gas stations and ATMs, and make orders, bookings and payments with QRcodes.
In the context that 95% of all retail transactions in Vietnam are carried out directly, Online to Offline (O2O) business models are becoming an increasingly complementary method to make business more effective. Offline channels help to optimise online channels in experiencing the products, while the online channel is a sufficient condition to lure more customers to the stores.
Clingme is following the O2O model and expects to become a leader in the trend in Vietnam, said CEO Tran Hai Quang. “For us, Clingme is no longer a startup. Clingme has set a target to make itself the leading retail technological company in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Hai added