Apr 28, 2020 / 21:56

Vingroup successfully manufactures ventilators for Covid-19 patients

The Hanoitimes - The first batch of Vingroup's ventilators for Covid-19 patients is expected to be delivered on May 15.

Three weeks after making inroad into manufacturing of mechanical ventilators, Vingroup, Vietnam’s biggest private conglomerate, said on April 28 that the firm has successfully produced two models for the treatment of Covid-19 patients and long-term use in healthcare, VnExpress reported.

The two models of mechanical ventilators, VFS-410 and VFS-510, are developed by local engineers, with 70% of the components produced in the country.

 Mechanical ventilator VSmart VFS-410. Photo: T.Long

VSmart VFS-410 is an upgrade of the first VFS-310 ventilator version developed by Vingroup's engineers from the design concept of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Meanwhile, VSmart VFS-510 is transferred from the world's leading medical device manufacturer Medtronic with Vietnamese improvements. The first batch of products is expected to be delivered on May 15.

Operating principles, boards, mechanical components, software and designs of VSmart VFS-410 are all developed and manufactured at Vingroup's facilities, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, international experts and Vinmec’s doctors.

VFS-510 is compact and versatile, including six flexible breathing modes. It and can be used for both adult and child patients, people who need invasive or non-invasive ventilation, and meet a variety of treatment requirements prescribed by doctors.

Currently, the two models are being assessed by the Ministry of Health, hospitals, experts to ensure quality before being put into use.

On April 3, Vingroup said it would be able to produce up to 55,000 units a month at its existing automobile and smartphone factories in Vietnam, including 10,000 PB560 ventilators.

The conglomerate said it plans to sell these products to the Ministry of Health at the cost of imported parts, or VND22 million (US$930), for each non-invasive ventilator and VND160 million (US$6,800) for each mechanical ventilator. Ventilators can also be exported.

The group will also donate 5,000 non-invasive ventilators to Vietnam’s health ministry.

Vietnam has reported 270 coronavirus cases so far, with 222 having fully recovered and no reported deaths, the ministry said.