Feb 03, 2019 / 07:09

When Vietnamese beauty speaks

The Hanoitimes - She might not have won the crown, but H’Hen won the hearts of the people with her inspiring story.

After winning Timeless Beauty 2018 award by Missosology, H’Hen Nie has been listed among Top 10 of Miss Grand Slam announced by Global Beauties.
H’Hen Nie at Miss Universe 2018. Photo: Miss Universe
H’Hen Nie at Miss Universe 2018. Photo: Miss Universe
The title once again affirms the true beauty of the Vietnamese girl who was among the Top 5 finalists of Miss Universe 2018, the highest position a Vietnamese beauty has ever achieved in Miss Universe history. 

H’Hen Nie is the first from her country to be proclaimed Missosology’s Timeless Beauty. She is the third Asian to win the accolade, since the award was formally organized by Missosology in 2010. 

While many powerful women have found fame and fashion notoriety by bidding adieu to their long tresses, Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie with her pixie haircut and naturally-tanned skin was an embodiment of being “confidently beautiful.”

In the Miss Universe stage, every moment she was on stage, she milked every second of it. Her evening gown performance was memorable, one with so much class and extraordinary elegance, simply the best. In overall terms, she might have been the best of the night with her avantgarde and unique look. 

H’Hen Nie with her villagers. Photo: VOV
H’Hen Nie with her villagers. Photo: VOV
True beauty always shines

H’Hen did not win the crown, but she won the hearts of the people with her inspiring story. The Vietnamese stunner defied traditions and standards and that makes her a true Timeless Beauty, according to global netizens. 

H’Hen is of Ede, an ethnic minority whose community accounts for 5% of Vietnam’s population. She was supposed to get married at age 14 by the customs of her people. But she refused and chose to follow her dreams instead. 

She moved to Ho Chi Minh City and worked as a domestic helper in order to put herself to college. After finishing her degree in economics, she worked as a model en route to becoming Miss Universe Vietnam. 

Her selflessness was admirable as she decided to donate all of her prize money and awards from domestic sponsors to build a library in her community and contribute to charitable organizations. 

After H’Hen Nie’s achievements, some local experts said that Vietnam should change standards which focus on real beauty and confidence when choosing candidates for the world’s beauty contests.  

During the Miss Universe 2018 contest held in Thailand, H’Hen participated in the United Nations’ Global Campaign on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) to call for reducing stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. 

When the beauty pageant took place, H’Hen was warmly welcomed by locals for her warm heart and support to others in field-trip activities. She looked elegant in Thai folk costume and her wearing was praised for showing respect to the locals. 

In a latest event held in the Philippines early February, H’Hen was greeted by many fans who had waited for hours with Vietnamese flags to welcome her to their country. 

H’Hen Nie in the Philippines. Photo: Vnexpress
H’Hen Nie in the Philippines. Photo: Vnexpress
Big names make remarks 

The final List of Favorites for Miss Universe 2018 is the result of the combination of opinions from pageant observers and Global Beauties’ contributors who have listed their Top 20 favorites in order of preference.

Meanwhile, the judges who took part in Timeless Beauty 2018 include Alejandra Andreu (Miss International 2008), Katherine Espin (CEO of Miss Earth Ecuador and Miss Earth 2016), Seung Hwan Lee (Mister International 2017), Lisa Lents (CEO of Miss Denmark and Miss World Denmark 2008), Bitaniya Yosef (Miss Supranational 2017 third runner-up), Cristhian Puesan (national director of Miss Universe and Miss International Haiti), Lyron Martina (national director of Mister International Netherlands), Andrew Alcalde (social media influencer and blogger of The Pageant Spotlight), Donald Nguyen (pageant coach), and Pedro Francisco Marquez (co-founder of Miss Star of Russia).