Oct 18, 2021 / 14:13

Hanoi hospital lockdown ends

The hospital rolls out containment measures at the highest level and halted regular medical checkups and treatment.

Hanoi's authority has lifted the 14-day lockdown on Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital, starting from October 18.

Nguyen Quoc Hoan, Vice Chairman of Hoan Kiem District People's Committee said the quarantine on Phu Doan, Hang Bong and other streets around the hospital was removed.

The hospital is asked to continue observing preventive measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier, the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital detected a Covid-19 patient in its premises on September 30 and the figure rose to 34, with no deaths.

Upon the detection of the first case, the hospital rolled out containment measures at the highest level and halted regular medical checkups and treatment.

At present, nearly 2,085 people are staying at the hospital, including about 335 patients and 1,045 hospital staff.

 The Hoan Kiem District functional force removes the barriers at checkpoints in the district. Photos: The Hanoi Times

 A moment of joy after the lockdown on the hospital was lifted. 

People are happy as the checkpoints are removed.

Hanoi ceases Covid-19 screening at city entrances

Checkpoints at the 22 entrances of Hanoi are also no longer tasked with screening and searching vehicles and passengers.

Dinh Tien Dung, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, endorsed a directive requiring authorities at all level to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

Previously, the checkpoints were erected on July 14 at gateways to the capital to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Those completing quarantine at local facilities are allowed to travel back to their home or work places for the resumption of businesses and services.

Hanoi continued loosening Covid-19 restrictions by restoring the operations of public offices, businesses, eateries, public transport, and others, after over two months of closure under a strict coronavirus prevention mandate.

The new rules follow the previous restriction loosening applied since October 1, when the national government decided to shift Vietnam to "new normal conditions", as its new strategy of adapting safely with the coronavirus.

The capital city reported 4,106 Covid-19 cases, from April 29 to October 17, according to the municipal health department.