Jun 22, 2020 / 07:58

Hanoian girls posing with lotus flowers

The Hanoitimes - Defying the blazing sun, Hanoi's young girls dressed up to take photos with lotus flowers.

Every year, in the middle of June’s sweltering heat, lotus ponds around Hanoi such as West Lake, Xuan Dinh, and Dong Anh are blanketed with the beautiful lotus flowers of diverse colors, inviting photographers and young people, especially girls to take photos and create instagramable moments.

Every June, the blossoming lotus ponds invite Hanoians visit and take pictures. The lotus flowers miraculously match with the traditional Vietnamese costume of women, the Ao Dai. Girls in Ao Dai of all colors and patterns flock to the lotus ponds to take memorable snapshots.

Lotus blooms from mid-May to the end of June. The famous lotus ponds in Hanoi which are the favorable venue for taking pictures with lotus are West Lake and Xuan Dinh.

After hours under the blazing heat and sweating, the efforts are handsomely paid off as the pictures come out satisfactorily. 

A girl poses with the flowers.

White “Ao Dai” adorns the beauty of pink lotus flowers.

 The pure beauty of the girls fascinate passers–by and her viewers on Instagram.

The glamorous beauty of the lotus girl.

Photos: Pham Hung (Kinh te & Do thi)