Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019
Hanoi applies and develops information technology to build smart city
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi will update the city's e-government architecture in accordance with Vietnam’s e-government architecture framework (version 2.0).
Hanoi advised to consider citizens customers to enhance public service quality
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi’s efforts in reforming administrative procedures must focus on making breakthroughs at communal level, according to an expert.
Vietnamese and French Communist Parties seek ways to foster cooperation
The Hanoitimes - The relationship between Vietnam and France will become ever closer and practical, contributing to to the closer ties between the two countries as well as with the European Union.
Vietnam’s new airline Vietstar gets nod for takeoff
The Hanoitimes - Vietstar Airlines would be the first airline getting AOC for business jets in Vietnam, as the airline is expected to provide VIP service for individuals, groups, local and foreign businesses.
Chinese FDI projects pose risks of outdated technologies: Expert
The Hanoitimes - Unless Vietnam has measures in place to prevent low quality FDI projects, investors using outdated technologies in their projects would cause negative impacts on the country’s economy, said experts.
S.Korea’s Hana Bank to buy 15% stake in Vietnam’s BIDV for US$868 million
The Hanoitimes - Following the sale, the state ownership in BIDV would reduce from the current 95.28% to over 80% of the bank’s charter capital.
Hanoi Formula One tickets officially on sale from July 17
The Hanoitimes - Each type of ticket is classified into different sub-categories with differentiated offers for one-day or three-day ticket holders.
“City for Peace” title, an impetus for Hanoi development
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi has become more outward and dynamic as the city is accelerating international and regional cooperation. The city has also applied to join in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
Exploring peculiar varieties of lotus flowers in Vietnam
The Hanoitimes - Lotus flowers can be found everywhere in Vietnam, but Hanoi is where you can find the majority of the variants.
French museum displays first Southeast Asian contemporary work made by Vietnamese artists
The Hanoitimes - “Borderline” represents Vietnamese vitality and handicraft in a contemporary look.
Vietnam pop star rocks YouTube worldwide with mega-hit featuring Snoop Dogg
The Hanoitimes - After six hours of release, the 25-year-old Vietnamese pop star’s latest music video (MV) leaped to No.1 among YouTube Trending videos in Vietnam.
Anti-US war reminiscence exhibition opens in Hanoi
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee has approved a plan to organized many activities to mark the 20th anniversary of the city’s recognition as City for Peace by the UNESCO.
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Vivid Hanoi in celebration of 20th anniversary of "City for Peace" title
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