Sunday, 18 Aug 2019
Hanoi willing to boost cooperation with Uruguay’s localities in numerous fields
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi’s government is willing to enhance sport exchange, football players and coaches training with Uruguay.
Hanoi continues the ceramic tiling of Red River dyke
The Hanoitimes - The new tile mural aims to realize the friendship demonstration that international friends want to offer to Hanoi by decorating it with ceramic tile works.
Hanoi treasures good relations with Phnom Penh
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi’s mayor highlighted efforts made by Ambassador Prak Nguon Hong in lifting bilateral relations.
Majority of Chinese firms consider Vietnam preferred investment destination
The Hanoitimes - Since last June, 33 listed Chinese companies have informed China's two stock exchanges of their plans to follow their foreign counterparts out of the country to mitigate the prolonged trade war between China and the US.
Vietnam’s domestic demand outweighs risks from trade tension
The Hanoitimes - The benchmark Ho Chi Minh Stock Index has climbed 9.7% so far this year through yesterday’s close, the most among Southeast Asian markets and outpacing the 0.8% rise in the MSCI AC Asean Index.
Law rules out private investment in power transmission in Vietnam
The Hanoitimes - Despite overloaded power grid in several zones, private firms are not allowed to invest in power transmission projects.
Three most popular pagodas in Hanoi in Vu Lan Festival
The Hanoitimes - The spiritual activities during this Vu Lan Festival at Phuc Khanh pagoda take place from 2 to 14 in Lunar Seventh Month or August 2 to August 14 with several praying ceremonies and chanting.
Exploring a two-decade-old “Chao suon” cart vendor in Hanoi’s Old Quarter
The Hanoitimes - Even without a sign board, the street cart vendor has had nearly 20 years of serving an uncountable number of foreign and local foodies.
Seven artery bridges connecting traffic in Hanoi
The Hanoitimes - Chuong Duong Bridge, which was built from 1983 to 1986, is the first of its kinds to be designed and constructed by local engineers.
Vietnam seeks UNESCO recognition of Dong Ho folk painting
The Hanoitimes - Dong Ho folk painting was ranked national cultural intangible heritage, in traditional craft category in December 2012.
Hanoi to host International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival
The Hanoitimes - Fingerstyle is a genre of solo guitar music characterized by a unique technique of playing guitar by plucking the strings directly with the fingertips or fingernails.
Over 2,400 foreigners to join in Danang International Marathon 2019 tournament
The Hanoitimes - The event is slated to take place from August 9 to August 11. Runners will start from the East Sea Park in the early morning, run along the coastal lines and through the city’s most well-known bridges.
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