Aug 25, 2021 / 21:25

“Preparing students for a digital and tech-rich future”

Each scholarship is worth $5,000 and will be given to individuals who demonstrate excellence in their academic progress and leadership.

This was among the remarks from Ambassador Robyn Mudie, Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, on Swinburne University of Technology’s mission and vision. The university recently held its Opening Ceremony to welcome new students on August 23, 2021.

Ambassador Robyn Mudie had witnessed the establishment and development of Swinburne Vietnam over the past years. Swinburne’s commitment to high-quality education lies within its assurance of international standards and location expansion in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as the recent opening of Swinburne Innovation Space to promote innovation and industry experience for students.

“To the students [attending the Opening Ceremony] today, you should be proud of the choice that you have made. Swinburne University is a leader in science, technology, innovation, and design; and it is ranked as one of the world’s top 400 universities by the 2021 Times Higher Education World University Rankings,” Madam Ambassador emphasized.

 Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Ms. Robyn Mudie, sending congratulations to Swinburne’s newest students.

“This academic year may not be starting in the way that you imagined.[...] These challenging moments will help you to step out of your comfort zone and become well-rounded individuals, adaptable workers, and critical thinkers” - Ambassador Robyn remarked.

Among the distinguished guests attending Swinburne Vietnam’s Opening Ceremony, Ambassador Pete Peterson - First U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam (1997 - 2001 term) sent a message to Swinburne faculty and students: “Our primary aim is to assist Vietnamese youth to become truly global citizens. We hope that [our] scholarships that have been announced today [will] play a small role in bringing Australia and Vietnam even closer together.”

Mr. Ambassador and his wife, Madam Vi Le Peterson, are the generous sponsors of the merit-based “Ambassador Pete Peterson Scholarships for Swinburne Vietnam.” Each scholarship is worth $5,000 and will be given to individuals who demonstrate excellence in their academic progress and leadership.

Ambassador Peterson is one of the important figures in setting the foundation for a renewal of U.S. - Vietnam relations. Mr. Ambassador was a Command Pilot of the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, and he spent more than six years as a prisoner of war. Entrusted by President Clinton, Ambassador Peterson devoted his term to heal and develop a diplomatic and strategic relationship between Vietnam and the U.S.


 Swinburne students joining the Opening Ceremony to welcome a new school year.

Joining the ceremony in person, Dr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the FPT group shared that Vietnam and the FPT group, particularly, are focusing their efforts and talents on educating the young generation for a digital and technological revolution which is taking place all over the world.

“In the coming years, everyone will become global citizens. Your study may take place in Vietnam, Australia, or the U.S., and you can still experience and benefit from the most advanced technologies. This is your opportunity when you are in a global and technologically advanced program. And this is so important for your success in the future workforce,” - Dr. Truong Gia Binh asserted.

From the Melbourne campus (Australia), Dr. Douglas Proctor, Swinburne’s Pro Vice-Chancellor of Global Engagement, also sent congratulations to Swinburne Vietnam’s students and shared the university’s vision of “people and technology working together to build a better world.”

 Dr. Proctor also emphasized Swinburne’s four “moonshot” goals in the university’s 2025 strategic plan which focuses on innovation, technology, and industry integration to best prepare students for a digital and tech-rich future.

 Swinburne University of Technology’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Proctor, sharing with students in Vietnam.

“Students at all our teaching locations learn from academic staff who not only have industry experience but who also bring that experience to life through their teaching and connections. We are a University of Technology,[...] and technology and digital innovation are uniquely embedded into all of our course offerings,” Dr. Proctor shared with Swinburne Vietnam’s newest members.

Dr. Hoang Viet Ha, Director of Swinburne Vietnam remarked: “The speed of technological advancement, along with our particular circumstance in history, has accelerated global connection. This is a new world without borders for our students. I strongly believe that this new generation will adapt quickly to succeed and benefit from this global connectivity in their study, lives, and future careers.