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Apr 17, 2014 / 16:29

Da Nang city urged to boost software industry

The central city of Da Nang is seeing an increasing number of groups and companies from the USA, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and other countries around the world seeking investment opportunities in its software outsourcing, and hi-tech and support industries, the Da Nang Today reported.

However, the city’s software industry is facing some difficulties, especially a shortage of human resources, operating capital, and consumer markets.

Representatives from many of the local software companies have expressed their desire that the city’s authorities give top priority to boosting information technology (IT) and applications, with a focus on improving the IT infrastructure. This will facilitate local software companies to enhance their software outsourcing and export activities. 

In addition, special attention should be paid to making plans to implement more IT application programmes to help the local software businesses expand their consumer markets. T his will create the opportunity for these companies to develop more software products, as well as major IT solutions. 

With regard to its plans to develop the industry in the future, a focus will be on constructing more software parks and dedicated IT zones, as well as issuing more preferential policies to attract foreign direct investment in these IT hubs. Also, support will be given to local software businesses to help them build their brand names, expand their consumer markets, and publicise their products. 

Special attention will also be paid to promoting the development of software and electronic circuit sectors and other related aspects.These measures, along with the strong determination of the city’s leaders, are expected to help local software businesses deal with their difficulties as well as create a momentum for their future sustainable growth. 

Last year, Da Nang’s software businesses earned a total of around 25 million USD from the export of software, representing a 23.8% year on year increase.