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Oct 14, 2020 / 12:00

Hanoi 17th Party Congress targets 3 breakthroughs for development till 2025

The culture and value of Hanoians should be a decisive factor to help develop Hanoi in the future.

At the closing ceremony of Hanoi’s 17th Party Congress for the 2020 – 2025 tenure, 100% of the delegates approved the resolution outlining three breakthroughs for the city’s stronger development in the next five years, as well as the vision until 2045.

 Overview of Hanoi's 17th Party Congress. 

Firstly, Hanoi would focus on the modernization and rapid development, focusing on improving socio-economic infrastructure to ensure greater connectivity among the metropolitan, suburban and satellite urban areas.

The resolution also referred to the necessity of stronger development in digital infrastructure and building up core databases, aiming to lay the foundation for the establishment of the digital economy and society.

Secondly, Hanoi is set to step up efforts in perfecting existing legal framework and ensuring greater efficiency in law enforcement, social and urban management.

During the next five years, Hanoi would complete the application of e-government as a key step towards digital government.

Thirdly, the city would give priority to developing high quality human resources and creating an ecosystem for innovative studies and startups. Hanoi aims to attract talents across the country and abroad to meet demand for sustainable development and global integration.

The culture and value of Hanoians should be a decisive factor to help develop Hanoi in the future, the resolution stated.

Additionally, the resolution suggested Hanoi’s economy has achieved positive results after the restructuring process in the last five years, translating into an average economic growth rate of 7.39% in the 2016 – 2020 period, in line with the target set by the city’s leaders of 7.3 – 7.8% and higher than the average growth rate of 6.93% for the 2011 – 2015 period.

Hanoi’s economic size in 2020 is set to reach VND1,060 trillion (US$45 billion), resulting in GRDP per capita of VND127.6 million (US$5,420), a 1.5-fold increase against 2015 and 1.8 times as high as the national average.

There have also been improvements in various aspects, including science, culture, education, and social development.

The resolution, however, also noted that the city’s economy has not created any breakthroughs to realize its potential and advantages as the country’s political – economic center, not to mention issues related to the rapid urbanization, environmental pollution and lack of investment in science – technology, among others, having not properly addressed.

For the 2021 – 2025 period, Hanoi sets a GRDP growth target of 7.5–8%, in which the services sector would make up 65 – 65.5%, industry and services 22.5 – 23%, and agro-forestry-fishery 1.4 – 1.6%.

The city targets to reach GRDP per capita of VND190 million (US$8,300) by 2025 and VND830 million (US$36,000) by 2045.

By 2030, Hanoi would become a modern, green and smart city with high competitiveness and achieve GRDP per capita of around US$12,000 – 13,000.

Hanoi would be a global city by 2045 with international competitiveness, high living standards and comprehensive and sustainable economic and socio-cultural development.