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Jun 12, 2020 / 08:52

Hanoi: Int'l schools prioritize students' well-being in Covid-19 fight

Hanoi's international schools have abode by the Vietnamese government’s anti-pandemic measures, considering them effective and essential to ensure students' safety.

Since resuming classes in after a long break for Covid-19 prevention, schools in Hanoi, especially international educational institutions, have applied strict rules to ensure students' well-being in the continued fight against Covid-19.

Le Ngoc Quang, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, told Hanoitimes that protecting children at educational institutions from the disease is of utmost important.

Besides preventive measures, Quang said the schools are asked to avoid discrimination against international students and school staff suspected of being novel coronavirus carriers.

A screenshot of an email SIS sent to its students’ parents for preventing Covid-19 at the school. Photo: Nguyen Ngan

In a phone interview with Hanoitimes, Ngo Thi Chi, Singapore International School (SIS) Regional Operation Manager in the North of Vietnam, said that SIS always strives to maintain a friendly, respectful and supportive environment for all students, including students from the epidemic regions. Those underwent quarantine for 14 days could attend classes like any other pupils.

Chi stressed that SIS’ measures are aimed at preventing both Covid-19 disease and discrimination. “We have made every effort to ensure that students' learning is not interrupted,” she said.

Specifically, SIS has reduced the number of students in a class and rearranged school schedule. Students are asked not to gather in large groups at lunch and in group activities. Classrooms have been regularly disinfected.

SIS’ students have always had their body temperature checked before entering and leaving the school. They must also strictly observe five principles to protect their mental health during Covid-19 pandemic, as follows:

1. Students should minimize going out while being at school, only doing so in case of absolute necessity.

2. Students must always wear face mask and keep distance among themselves, preferably by two meters.

3. Students must regularly wash hands with soap or antiseptic solution.

4. Students should regularly carry out private hygiene and live healthily.

5. Students should make medical declarations and update daily their health situation.

 SIS’ students are eager in the day back to school after a long break for Covid-19 prevention. Photo: SIS

SIS’ five above-mentioned principles are in line with the Vietnamese government’s Covid-19 prevention protocol in school premises.

SIS and other Hanoi's international schools have abode by the Vietnamese government’s anti-pandemic measures, considering them effective and essential to ensure the safety of pupils.

According to Dominique Terry, a SIS primary teacher, Singapore-based The Business Times praised Vietnam as “the most outstanding country” in containing the novel coronavirus and successfully flattening the coronavirus infection curves.

She told Hanoitimes that the expat community in Hanoi as well as international experts and agencies, including the World Health Organization have lauded this initial achievement by Vietnam.

“Vietnam is believed to do all the right things to protect its people and foreign nationals in the country,” said Lorraine Els, an academic staff at SIS Gamuda Gardens.

Although the school had encountered difficulties during the pandemic time, they feel lucky to be able to resume business in a country where the pandemic has been contained, in contrast to many parts of the world which are still under lockdown, Lorraine Els added.