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May 16, 2021 / 16:30

Keep the fire of passion on the circus stage

Only with the passion that makes the artists continuing the job while encouraging each other to overcome this difficult time.

Vietnamese circus artists are experiencing a tough time amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) that makes them facing no stage, no show, and no audiences.

A special show of Hanoi Central Circus. Photo: Hanoi Central Circus

According to the Director of the Vietnam Circus Federation, Ta Duy Anh, many performance contracts have been suspended or canceled, meanwhile investment in big programs has not been refunded. “We circus artists are struggling with economic problems."

Anh said the federation’s artists had received invitations from a number of domestic and foreign organizations after they successfully performed at the 2021 National Circus Talent Competition, which was held in Hanoi on April. “However, all have been suspended or canceled.”

“Circus is a very special art, which requires artists to practice regularly even when there is no show. Only with the passion that makes us continuing the job while encouraging each other to overcome this difficult time,” Anh said.

It is important for the young generation to always keeps the fire of the passion and love for circus art. Photo: Hanoi Central Circus

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism last year provided the federation’s 12 theaters with a lighting system to attract the audience coming back to the stage.

The federation has 60 artists who are expected to create vitality for its performances, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Circus Federation Tong Toan Thang has said.

He said the federation offers free lunch to artists every day. “It’s a small thing we could do for them but it’s our efforts to encourage the artists, especially young performers,” Thang said, “The circus’s requirements are very harsh, so it is important to keep the passion fire and love for this art.”

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the circus has had received a lot of compliments from the public. Photo: Hanoi Central Circus

Joining hands for art

How to attract more people to the stage and expand the area of performance is the goal of the Vietnam Circus Federation.

The federation in collaboration with the Vietnam National Cai luong Theater has recently brought to the stage the play “Magic Stick”, which received a lot of compliments from the public. They have set a plan for another play known as “Thuong Thien Thanh Mau” (Supreme Mother Goddess).

Thang said the federation has planned to make a performance combining rock and circus to attract the young audience on October 20. “I also want to make a show adapting the well-known Hamlet tragedy to the circus,” he said.

Circus artists have to try so hard to overcome the current difficult period together. Photo: Hanoi Central Circus

Over the past years, Vietnam’s circus has improved and affirmed its name in many international competitions. In addition to modernizing the performances following international trends, the tradition and culture are always important “special props” of Vietnamese performers. The music, costumes, and props must be imbued with the Vietnamese identity.

A number of enterprises have recently shown their desire to cooperate with the Vietnam Circus Federation in new shows like “Magic Stick”. This motivates circus artists to practice daily and helps the circus theaters to maintain the payroll and overcome such a difficult period.