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Feb 04, 2020 / 01:09

Middle East peace plan: Unfeasible and fatal

From the outset, Trump's "deal of the century" is doomed to failure because it cannot be feasible.

Three years after entering the White House, US President Donald Trump unveiled his solution to the lasting conflict between Israel and Palestine which he praised in advance as "the deal of the century". The proposal filled Israel with ex-citement but put Palestine in outrage. It deepens the already very profound division between the US and its allies both in the Middle East and in Europe. The reason is Trump's Middle East plan is one-sidedly favorable to Israel and disastrous for Palestine. In no way could it be a hopeful mediation leading to the conciliation between Israel and Palestine.

 Trump and Netanyahu announce the peace plan at the White House on January 28. Photo: Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

From the outset, Trump's "deal of the century" is doomed to failure because it cannot be feasible. It is unworkable because Trump only considered Israeli demands and interests while ignored almost all legitimate rights and claims of Palestine. Every peace and conciliation deal can't work when it intentionally gives one side everything while leaving the other with almost nothing. With his Middle East plan, Trump once again proved himself incapable of playing the mediation role between Israel and Palestine. In fact, he didn't and doesn't really intend to mediate but only wants to impose his conditions on Palestine and force this state to capitulate. Trump's plan won't work because it is only acceptable for Israel while Palestine, the Arab League, many other US partners in the Middle East as well as the world reject it.

And it will be dangerous and fatal for peace, security and stability in the Middle East. And for Palestine. It implicates in fact the death of the Oslo Peace Agreement between Israel and Palestine. It encourages Israel to continue to annex territories of Palestine, Syria and Jordan which Israel has until now illegally occupied. With his plan, Trump continued to ignore international law governing the conflict between Israel and Palestine. With Trump's support implied in this plan, Israel will surely continue to despise international legal standards, too. But the strong opposition to Trump's plan in this region and in the world will pose new security challenges to Israel. Peace and conciliation between Israel and Palestine are now adrift.