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May 12, 2024 / 21:50

Vladimir Putin's most challenging and difficult reigning term

The next 6 years of his new presidency will be the most challenging period for him and the most fateful one for Russia's future.

Just two days before Russia was celebrating Victory Day, its old and new president Vladimir Putin was sworn in for his fifth term in succession as Russia's president. Now, he will rule over Russia until 2030 and can be a candidate once again for a further 6-year term. 

 Russia's Vladimir Putin. Photo: AFP/VNA 

After almost a quarter of a century as Russia's supreme leader, Vladimir Putin put his definitive stamp on Russia's appearance and on world politics. His power foundation is now more resolute than ever before. He has Russia under control which was clearly shown in the recent presidential election process and through its final results.

But the easier he had won his fifth term as Russia's president the more difficult and complicated his new term will certainly be. The next 6 years of his new presidency will be the most challenging period for him and the most fateful one for Russia's future. The reason is simply the present war in Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine and the confrontation and even the enmity between Russia and the West originated from the Ukraine war. Russia will win or lose this war and how Russia will win or lose this war will be the biggest questions whose answers will determine Vladimir Putin's political fate and legacy as well as Russia's future.

His main goals during his fifth term are to win these two wars and to improve living standards for Russians. Both aren't easy to achieve at the same time. The war in the Ukraine will continue to swallow huge valuable resources of Russia. The conflict with the West will continue to cause big and serious damage to Russia in many aspects. Russia's population and society continue to have to pay high and even painful prices. His fifth term as Russia's president will be challenging Vladimir Putin from the first minute until the last minute in the way and to the extent he never knew before. He might believe now that he will success but there is nothing that can guarantee that he will surely success. Many, many uncertainties are now ahead for him and for Russia. The West will definitely try its utmost to prevent him to success in his fifth term, thus just now already eliminating his theoretical chance to possibly get his sixth term in 2030.  The West's opposition will be the biggest and most difficult problem for Vladimir Putin. Otherwise, only the West is capable, not Ukraine, of stopping Vladimir Putin's military advances in Ukraine. Therefore, during Putin's fifth term, the ultimate game of powers and influences between Russia and the West will definitely be decided. Vladimir Putin is now facing tough times and Russia is now standing at a new crossroad.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Ambassador Tran Duc Mau are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Hanoi Times.