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A glance at garage of Uncle Ho

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex is one of the most historic tourist attractions in Vietnam. There visitors will be sure to have an interest in is Uncle Ho's car collection.

President Ho Chi Minh (Uncle Ho) had some cars for official and personal use, including Peugeot 404, ZIS 115 and Pobeda. Russian cars IS 115 and Pobeda were gifted to Ho Chi Minh City by the government of the Soviet Union.

Uncle Ho was the great master of the Vietnamese revolution, the beloved leader of the Vietnamese working class and the entire nation, an eminent soldier, a brilliant activist of the international communist and national liberation movements.

He creatively set up the sound guidelines to lead the Vietnamese evolution to greater victories, greatly contributing to strengthen international unity. The president was a bright example of collectivism, sense of organization and revolutionary virtues.

 Among the cars that Uncle Ho used to ride, there are three on display in the Ho Chi Minh Presidential Palace relic.

The first car was ZIS 115. The car was presented by the Soviet government in 1954. ZIS 115 is a special armored vehicle that used by Uncle Ho for official activities.

ZIS 115 was tweaked compared to the original version, except for the fog lamps, two modern warning lights, specially-designed windows and big tires to be suitable to Vietnam’s traffic situation.

 ZIS 115’s logo was exquisitely designed.

 The car’s body is 2m wide, 6.1m long and equipped with an 8mm-thick bulletproof steel layer and 70mm-thick glass layer. 

 The car is also reinforced to cope with underground mines. ZIS-115 is an 8-engine-car, with a capacity of 140 horsepower. The car can reach a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour (kph) with a fuel consumption of 27.5L /100km.

 Besides ZIS 115, the Soviet government presented a Pobeda car to the Vietnamese government in 1955.

 In March 1957, the Presidential Palace received the car from the Foreign Ministry's Reception Department.

 The car had a maximum speed of 140kph, President Ho Chi Minh used to ride this car until 1969 with a total distance of 39,463km.

 Pobeda’s body has impressive details and design.

 Pobeda’s logo was designed in a stylized way.

When traveled far, Uncle Ho preferred the Pobeda because the car is tall, it has strong engine and economical. In the photo, the underbody and the wheel of the Pobeda were taken.

 Uncle Ho used the Peugeot 404 to travel in the city in 1967.

The Peugeot 404 has a low underbody, which makes it more convenient to get in and out of the car.

 The Peugeot 404 ran 16,575km.

 Peugeot 404 could reach a maximum speed of 170kph and was transported from France to Vietnam’s Hai Phong port.

 President Ho Chi Minh led a simple life and elegant or luxurious cars were not his preference.