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Dec 22, 2023 / 13:37

Silicon Valley ambassador helps Vietnamese businesses go global

The Danish author wants to help Vietnamese companies reach global scale faster while making better use of resources, saving time and money.

Professional speaker Klaus Wehage, dubbed the ambassador of Silicon Valley, has presented his book Global Class in Hanoi, giving Vietnamese enterprises a hint on how to go global.

Written by Klaus Wehage and Aaron Daniel, the book is regarded as a grand strategic formula for businesses to go global.

Compiled from interviews with more than 250 of the world's fastest-growing companies, the book is divided into three parts corresponding to the three main strategies of the expansion process: Innovation, Scale, and Empowerment.

 The author Klaus Wehage exchanged ideas with his readers in Hanoi. Photo: Alpha Books

The book also outlined the commitments that global companies must make to grow internationally, highlighting the importance of using a global version of the agile methodology for localization.

Finally, the book explored the key pillars that support growth: building effective teams, management models that empower local teams, and strategies for balancing culture as you grow globally.

Published by Alpha Books Company, the book is expected to be useful for Vietnamese businesses.

Klaus Wehage is a sought-after speaker who has worked strategically with the highest levels of the Silicon Valley business community, including Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, IBM, HP, and others.

In 2012, he came to Vietnam to conduct market research for a company. While exploring the Vietnamese market, he realized that the common problem of most businesses in Vietnam when expanding to the international market is the lack of a program framework. Therefore, he conducted surveys and research on many businesses to derive a management framework for businesses in Vietnam and those expanding into international markets.

"This framework is highly applicable and brings value to Vietnamese businesses. For the Vietnamese market, I hope these models will be taught in universities so that students can know and support their future startup process," he said.

"We have entered a new era of global business. However, scaling a business globally is a complex process. The complexity of properly measuring, tracking and implementing expansion is exacerbated by trends that have accelerated due to the pandemic, economic crisis and distributed workforce. Companies need to find ways to expand globally, but until now, there has been no comprehensive guide," said Klaus Wehage.

That's why authors Klaus Wehage and Aaron McDaniel wrote Global Class.

According to Klaus Wehage, Vietnam's technology and agriculture sectors have a lot of potential and opportunities for startups and targeting the international market.