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Mar 24, 2024 / 11:05

"Art is long and time is fleeting" exhibition in Hanoi showcases world of imagination

The exhibition is designed to highlight the different materials (lacquer, silk, oil and acrylic) and styles used by the six artists.

A painting exhibition titled "Art is long, and time is fleeting" opened at The Muse Art Space in the heart of Hanoi March 23 

The exhibition will last until March 31, opening the world of imagination through 100 works by six artists including Phan Cam Thuong, Nguyen Van Trinh, Trieu Khac Tien, Vu Van Tich, Nguyen Quang Trung and Nguyen Dinh Son.

The exhibition features paintings on a variety of materials (lacquer, silk, oil and acrylic) and artistic styles. What ties it all together is the curator's spatial arrangement, which takes the viewer on a rollercoaster of imagination and emotion.

According to curator Van Vi, "in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, art in general, and painting in particular, offers us a rest stop to slow down, refresh ourselves and indulge in the fluctuation of our own feelings. The painting exhibition "Art is long and time is fleeting" is divided into six different areas, each dedicated to one artist. 

Phan Cam Thuong is a painter who is also recognised as the most influential cultural scholar of the last two decades, having published 18 books on Vietnamese art and culture. Thuong brings to this exhibition his series of silk paintings inspired by ancient Vietnamese culture. In particular, Thuong's very first abstract paintings, which have been in the making for years, will make their debut in this exhibition.

Also on show is Nguyen Van Trinh's Biosphere series, a showcase of the artist's creativity, both in concept and material (silk combined with bamboo paper). Trinh has created a floating multi-dimensional biosphere as a habitat for exotic creatures. The combination of silk and giang paper creates layered effects for his artworks.

Meanwhile, painter Trieu Khac Tien and painter Vu Van Tich are popular for their lacquer paintings. Trieu Khac Tien is currently the only PhD holder in lacquer art in Vietnam. He has worked with his students to standardize Vietnamese lacquer painting techniques for the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, helping to expand the range of materials and ensure the durability of lacquer paintings.

Tien's work is meticulous and delicate, with a level of sophistication rarely found elsewhere. Painter Tich, Tien's student, finds it fascinating to capture the emotions and desires of a young man in his paintings.

Another exhibitor, painter Nguyen Quang Trung, has been wholeheartedly committed to abstract art. He believes that what he has done is not to discover a new style, but to delve into the abstract style in accordance with the contemporary trend. In particular, Trung uses the so-called "light confinement technique" to keep the light in the painting amidst the interweaving of fluctuating brushstrokes and colors.

Painter Nguyen Dinh Son will introduce art lovers to his expressionist works depicting coastal and suburban life. The close-ups in Son's paintings depict moments of infatuation, sending a message to his viewers that if they pay attention, a small detail can open up a colorful, vibrant world that never ceases to stir their emotions. 

The exhibition will also be held at the HCM City Museum of Fine Arts at the same time with Hanoi. The opening ceremony will take place on 10 a.m, March 23 in HCM City.

Some artworks at the exhibition:

 Youth, lacquer by Trieu Khac Tien.
 Queen, silk painting by Phan Cam Thuong.
  Praying, silk painting by Phan Cam Thuong.
 Living space, watercolor on silk, by Nguyen Van Trinh.
 Happiness, lacquer by Trieu Khac Tien.