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Jan 17, 2024 / 19:14

Bank accounts for all elderly social security beneficiaries in Hanoi

The city's authorities target to ensure social benefits are paid into pensioners' bank accounts as quickly as possible.

Many districts in Hanoi have opened bank accounts for all social welfare recipients so that all benefits can be transferred.

People on welfare are the elderly, people with disabilities and veterans, invalids and families of fallen soldiers and those who made great contributions and sacrifices for the nation during the wars.

 Social security workers in O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District, instruct local people on how to open a bank account. Photo: The Hanoi Times

There are now nearly 293,500 people on welfare in Hanoi. Of these, more than 80,000 are ex-servicemen and nearly 205,000 are needy people.

To ensure that all these people receive their benefits accurately and on time, the Hanoi municipal government last week urged district authorities to persuade all welfare recipients to open bank accounts by January 16.

According to the Hanoi People's Committee, the payment of social security benefits to bank accounts ensures timely delivery without additional administrative costs.

Moreover, the cashless payment of social security benefits is one of the solutions accelerating the progress of digital transformation in the capital.

To date, some districts in Hanoi have reportedly completed opening accounts for 100% of social security beneficiaries.

There are nearly 5,900 people in Long Bien District who receive social welfare payments from the government.

According to Tran Thi Hoai Huong, head of the district's Office of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, almost all beneficiaries in the district had completed the opening of their bank accounts by the end of January 14, and only two accepted cash payments.

By the end of January 15, almost all social welfare beneficiaries in Hoai Duc district had also opened their bank accounts, except for two people in Song Phuong commune.

Other urban, suburban, and rural districts, such as Hai Ba Trung and Thanh Xuan, also recorded high rates of local beneficiaries completing the bank account opening process.

Tran Sy Thanh, Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee, said at a meeting earlier this month that the city aims to provide the best welfare services for people through the activity.

"Cashless transactions must be the key to making life easier and more convenient for the elderly," he said.

Strong local efforts to ensure people's satisfaction

To meet the target, Hanoi's districts have made great efforts to ensure that all social security beneficiaries have a bank account by January 16.

Over the weekend, local government staff in Dong Da District were busy helping pensioners open their bank accounts.

 Elders in Thuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District receive their social benefits. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Tran Hai, 67, a man with disability in Tho Quan Ward, said opening a bank account would save him more time as he would no longer have to sign invoices in person at the district office.

It took him only five minutes to fill in the application form, with the help of local staff and young volunteers.

Dinh Duy Cuong, from O Cho Dua Ward, showed his satisfaction as he took his father to open a bank account.

"My father is weak and old, so I was the one who received the pension on his behalf," he told The Hanoi Times. "Giving my dad a bank account is good for us and the authorities because it saves us some time and money," he said.

In Quoc Oai District, all social welfare staff were present at the district People's Committee office to provide maximum support to the beneficiaries.

Nguyen Thi Tuyet of Sai Son Commune said there were 25 beneficiaries in her hamlet.

"For those who live in difficult conditions and don't have smartphones, they have asked their family members for help," she said.

"Cashless social assistance is quite convenient," she said.

In Long Bien District, local officials and civil servants were busy helping those who needed bank accounts to receive Social Security transfers.

Days earlier, the Long Bien District People's Committee persuaded local elders to come to their office and open their bank accounts.

District and municipal authorities even sent shuttles to help those who could not leave their homes. Local officials and staff were also deployed to help people in their own domiciles.

Nguyen Thi Le, deputy captain of the social affairs department of Ung Hoa police station, said the district police office had asked all units and officers to help the elders open bank accounts.

After reviewing the local authorities' plans, the police are trying to complete the work in one residential area at a time and then move on to other areas, she said.

"It helps people avoid traveling too much. All ATM cards are delivered to people immediately, even to their homes," she said.