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March 23, 2024



A humble yet beautiful story of love for Hanoi. "Dao, Pho va Piano " captivates audiences with its simple, everyday story brimming with heartfelt attachment to Hanoi. Through the lives of ordinary people, the film paints a vivid picture of Hanoi during a bustling, vibrant era. With a well-paced narrative and a series of small, unfolding events, "Dao, Pho va Piano" sparks curiosity and keeps viewers riveted to the screen. The film exudes a youthful energy that is perfectly suited to modern audiences. Educating the younger generation about history through cinema should be done carefully, tactfully, and gradually. By doing so, we can win their acceptance and love.


Dao, Pho and Piano is the only state-produced film (so far) to have achieved a resounding media success with zero marketing budget. It is even more successful than many other domestic films that have spent billions of dong on advertising. When the audience loves something, anything is possible. It is a matter of pride that young audiences support domestic content on culture and history. Now is the time when viewers are very interested in learning about national culture in a natural way, through entertainment products.


Vietnamese films have seen a rise in support and popularity among home viewers in recent years. One of the most notable recent releases is "Peach, Pho, and Piano", an epic romance film from 2023 directed by Phi Tiến Sơn.

Despite being a state-commissioned film, it has become a box office sensation at the National Cinema Center in Hanoi. Its success has prompted the Cinema Department to request permission from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for a nationwide release.

The Vietnamese film industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with a string of blockbuster films achieving record-breaking box office success. Vietnamese cinema is rising, and many quality films are released each year. According to poet & journalist Viet, "Mai" is a prime example of this progress. The movie has taken the country by storm and is now the all-time highest-grossing Vietnamese film.


A particular strength of "Mai" lies in its ability to evoke emotions in the viewer. The film explores the themes of family and love gently and profoundly, leaving many viewers with a sense of empathy. The acting of the main cast, especially Phuong Anh Dao, is highly appreciated. "Mai" is also a testimony to the development of Vietnamese cinema in recent years. The Vietnamese film industry is increasingly producing quality works that attract audiences' attention at home and abroad.

Here are some other national blockbusters:

These impressive box office figures demonstrate the remarkable growth of Vietnamese cinema,  in terms of storytelling, direction and technology, which is able to cater to audience preferences. The new generation of Vietnamese filmmakers are more sophisticated in screenwriting, more adept at special effects, more demanding in acting and more persistent in promoting their films.

The popularity of Vietnamese films has also been helped by changing audience tastes. Vietnamese films with a variety of genres, themes and excellent production standards are finding favour with an increasingly accepting Vietnamese audience.

The progress of Vietnamese cinema bodes well for the country's entertainment industry.  It encourages Vietnamese filmmakers to keep pushing the boundaries and producing even better films that satisfy the public's increasing expectations.

During the recent Tet holiday, when people had more time to go to the cinema, blockbuster films created outstanding phenomena with audiences lining up in long queues and tickets selling out days in advance.


In addition to the films mentioned above, many other Vietnamese films have also achieved great success at the box office. This is a testament to the strong growth of Vietnamese cinema and the immense potential of this industry in the future. Vietnamese films dominate Vietnamese cinemas, outperforming foreign films and occupying many top spots. The list of popular films at major cinemas like CGV, BHD, Beta, and the movie ticket booking website Movee all show the dominance of Vietnamese films.

This success is reflected not only in the box office revenue but also in the trendsetting influence of Vietnamese films. Many films create new cultural trends that are discussed by the community and generate additional content. The by-products and supporting elements of the films also become popular. Movies undeniably wield a powerful influence on social life, as evidenced by the rapid spread of trends on social media. Dialogues, costumes, and settings from movies become hot topics of discussion, sparking trends that are enthusiastically embraced by the youth. Film music also plays a crucial role in a movie's success, with a high viewership of OST songs on YouTube serving as a testament to the movie's appeal and its ability to evoke strong emotions. The audience does not merely watch movies; they actively engage with them by sharing their feelings and even organizing movie-related activities, demonstrating a deep connection with the film and the message it conveys.

Em Chua 18: The film created a fever with the quote "Yeu la 'tha thu'" (Love is 'forgive') and the song "Yeu la tha thu" by Only C reached 151 million views.


Mat Biec: The film started the trend of quoting from the movie "Mat no buon nhu mat biec" (Her eyes are as sad as blue eyes) and the song "Co Chang Trai Viet Len Cay" (There Was a Boy Who Wrote on the Tree) reached 90 million views. The writing contest for the film received nearly 1500 entries.



Em va Trinh: The film inspired the series "GEN Z VA TRINH" (GEN Z AND TRINH) performed by young artists. The late musician Trinh Cong Son's old songs have experienced a resurgence in popularity, with many young people now listening to them.

Vietnamese cinema is experiencing a surge in influence on social life, as evidenced by the ubiquitous trends, captivating soundtracks, and passionate audience engagement. This flourishing film scene is a beacon of hope for the industry's development, promising a bright future rich in potential.

The success of Vietnamese films transcends entertainment and acts as a potent cultural ambassador, showcasing Vietnamese stories, emotions, and experiences to a global audience. This cultural exchange fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for Vietnamese culture and strengthens its presence on the world stage.


The undying passion for Vietnamese cinema is further exemplified by the emergence of theatres dedicated solely to Vietnamese films. This dedicated space caters to the growing audience, solidifying the films' impact and fostering a thriving community for both fans and filmmakers. In essence, Vietnamese cinema is experiencing a remarkable renaissance, captivating audiences locally and internationally while fostering cultural exchange and propelling the industry toward a promising future.



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