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Jan 10, 2023 / 13:29

Busy harvesting season at Hanoi's famous grapefruit hub

A week before the Vietnamese traditional holiday, farmers in Dien Village in Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, are busy harvesting grapefruits - local specialties.

A couple of weeks before the Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, which falls in late January, grapefruit orchards in the Phuc Dien pavilion are packed with fruit pickers and trucks waiting to be loaded with Dien grapefruits.

Dien Village grapefruit tastes more delicious and fragrant than in other regions. Therefore, the fruit has become a favorite Hanoian treat for ancestor worship and eating during the TetPhuc Dien Ward has one of the three largest grapefruit growing areas in the Bac Tu Liem District. 

Nguyen Gia Dung, a grower from Phuc Dien, owns a large garden of more than four square hectares with 2,000 perennial grapefruits. It is estimated that Dung's garden can produce 150,000 grapefruit this year.

In the experience of grapefruit growers, the older the tree, the sweeter the Dien grapefruit. The skin of the fruit turns dark yellow when being ripe.
Dien grapefruit is slightly smaller than those grown in other localities, but it is very sweet and fragrant, making it suitable for decorating altars.
Unlike other grapefruit varieties, Dien grapefruit can be kept for up to four months without preservatives. It is advisable to let the fruit's skin dry to enjoy its full flavor. 
 The very last grapefruits are being harvested for sale.

Hoang Thi Thu, who owns a grapefruit garden in Phu Dien Ward, said she grows about 2,000 Dien grapefruit trees, harvesting about 300 fruits per tree. The garden has sold more than 10,000 fruits, and most have been ordered in advance for the Lunar New Year 2023.

 "The Dien grapefruit price has risen slightly compared to last year due to increased fertilizer prices and labor costs," he said.
 "It is also a good harvest this year as the Dien grapefruit is bigger and more beautiful than in other years. The wholesale price is around VND50,000 or US$2.2 per fruit for the best, while others have a lower price, around VND30,000 or $1.2 per fruit," he added.
Phuc Dien Ward features 35 hectares under grapefruit cultivation, with 287 households growing these fruits. 
 Scientific advances are also applied to improve yield and crop quality.